Trail of Hope Epilogue: The Aya Vault

Trail of Hope Epilogue: The Aya Vault

Note: This mission will open up a much larger potion of the map to you. It doesn't close off any old quests, but you may still wish to clear your plate a bit of lingering tasks before heaping on these new ones. Start the journey by activating the Angaran Shuttle in the southeast of the Docks on Aya.

Somewhat surprisingly, there is no fighting or driving required- the Moshae just walks you in.

Your dialogue choices don't change anything here- all paths lead to a meeting with Evfra back in Resistance HQ.

You'll discover that the Moshae wasn't simply captured, she was sold out. This same quisling may have the location of the Archon's ship- you'll be going the newly accessible planet of Kadara to track him down

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