A Wrench In The Works

Mission 09: A Wrench In The Works




Objective: Use the profiler to find Angelo Tucci's niece


Before starting the mission, it might be worth investing in the grenade crafting skill and making a couple to make life easier. When the mission starts, Aiden will be tasked with locating Tucci's niece. She can be found in the nearby glass structure just standing still (Clara will give you hints as time passes to narrow your search if you can't find her). After spotting her, a new objective will appear.



Objective: Hack the niece's phone


Hack into the phone when prompted to locate Tucci.



Objective: Kill Angelo Tucci before he reaches the prison


Time for the real meat of the mission. Now that Aiden has Tucci's location it's time to grab some wheels and say hello. Target the car for the quickest intercept course and approach the convoy. Tucci must be killed to complete the objective and the easiest way to do so is to alert the convoy. Alert them and then stick to Tucci's bumper until a neutralize icon appears (traffic lights work well) to bring his car down.



Objective: Eliminate Angelo before he escapes


If you are lucky, the impact will kill him, but if it doesn't a huge pile-up of enemy vehicles will occur as he gets out of the wreckage. Select the grenade and throw it at Tucci's location before quickly getting back into your car. You can alternatively try to chase him in the car to run him over (getting out to chase him nearly always results in being shot to death). Once he is dead, a new objective will flash up.



Objective: Kill Angelo's allies or escape


Now you get to play with your car smashing powers as Aiden makes his getaway. Use every neutralize icon that appears, use back allies and turn around corners constantly to lose the pursuit. After killing all of them or leaving the search area, the mission will end.


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