Big Brother

Mission 02: Big Brother




Objective: Exit your motel room


Walk back out of the door of the room when you are ready to be introduced to another aspect of the profiler capabilities of Aiden's smartphone.


Objective: Profile people for potential crimes near your hideout


Pull out your phone and examine the people in the area until you find a potential crime in progress (in my case it was a woman at the top of the stairs next to the hideout door). No matter who initiates it, you will have to travel to the designated area on your map and locate the people involved. Once you find the target, she will move to a nearby alley and be confronted by her irate partner.


Watch the altercation and then scare or distract the partner by overloading the nearby junction box or approaching directly. After he is startled, he will make a break for it meaning Aiden has to catch him (Hold RT to run) and take him down (press B (Xbox) or circle (Playstation) when you are close enough to tackle him). Once he is caught, Aiden will receive a phone call and the objective marker for Mission 02: Big Brother will appear on the map. Drive to it and initiate the mission.



Objective: Join the party in the backyard


Follow the objective marker and walk around into the backyard to meet some of Aiden's family.



Objective: Head inside Nicky's home


Head up the stairs into the house and have a look around. Listen to Nicky's story as you walk and pick up some items. After a little while, Nicky will get a phone call and start to get annoyed at the caller. A little later in the call a new objective will appear.


Objective: Listen in on Nicky's phone


When the prompt to hack Nicky's phone appears, do so and listen in. Doesn't sound good, does it? After another cut scene, Aiden will decide to track down the crank caller and teach him a lesson.



Objective: Take down the suspect


The suspect will be at the corner outside in a car. Hop in the nearest car and give chase. As you follow the target, you may see the word intercept appear on the screen with a button to press. Performing these successfully can impede or stop the car you are following so try to use them when they show up.


You can also just ram and damage the car to stop it as well. Once the car is stopped, the suspect will get out and try to escape on foot. Sprint after him and when you eventually catch up, tackle him to end the chase.



Objective: Hack the caller's phone for answers


After the caller is knocked out, he will drop his phone. Hack into it to hear some troubling info. After a quick call to Badboy17, the mission will end.


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