One Foot In The Grave

Mission 04: One Foot In The Grave




Objective: Search for bridge access


After a little cut-scene of Clara and Aiden, you will be back in control next to a rotating bridge. Open your profiler and look for an access panel next to a camera on a post. Hack the panel to retrieve something interesting.



Objective: Follow Clara


Clara will lead the way here, so follow her towards the homeless camp. After you arrive at the shop (locked of course), you will need to find out the location of the owner.


Objective: Profile the homeless for clues


The person you are looking for here is to your right when standing at the doorway of the shop. He should be leaning against the wall having a conversation on his phone. Once you find him, listen in on the call and you will find the location of the store owner. Unfortunately, someone else was listening in and is on the way already, time to find some wheels and stop them.



Objective: Kill the fixer before he reaches Tobias


Grab a car as quickly as you can and race off after the fixer. There are three ways of dealing with this guy (he has no backup, so it is only one car to worry about). You can try to ram him off the road, neutralize him or follow him to the location, jump out of the car and blast him with a shotgun as he approaches the house. The last approach is probably the easiest due to the short distance of the chase, making it difficult to take him out the other ways. Plus, it's ironic, making it within a few meters of his target.


Objective: Reach the poker game


After dealing with the fixer, head to the objective marker and enter the basement to find the poker game.


Objective: Join the game and draw out Tobias


Join the game and play a hand. No matter if you do well or not, Aiden will insult Tobias to the point he snaps, reveals himself and makes a run for it.



Objective: Catch Tobias, do not kill him


After Tobias runs, tear off after him. There is no one else chasing you so it's just a simple matter of running him down and performing a take-down. Just avoid killing him and Aiden should be successful. After a little chat with Tobias, you will gain access to his shop as well as the bridge remote Aiden was after. The mission will end after this.



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