Halo 3 Interview

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Halo 3 Special

CCC's Halo 3 Interview

Halo 3 Interview

Interview with Brian Jarrard, Community Lead of Halo 3

September 2007 - The Halo 3 mania is looming on the horizon. The Xbox 360 owners that weren't able to get a copy of the massively hyped game before its street date are preparing to pick the game up on its official release date of September 25. However, before eager gamers around the world happily procure their copies of Halo 3, we got a chance to ask Brian Jarrard, the Community Lead on Halo 3 a few last minute questions about the hugely anticipated game.

BJ: Brian Jarrard - Community Lead of Halo 3
CCC: Cheat Code Central

CCC: How much help was the beta in tweaking the gameplay? Is a beta something you wished had been available for Halo and Halo 2?

BJ: The beta was a huge success and provided invaluable insights and data to help us refine the final game before launch. The beta was more necessary for Halo 3 than the prior installments due to the complexity of new features like Saved Films and the ability to upload and share a wide variety of files between players.

CCC: Are there significant visual upgrades since the beta? How do the multiplayer graphics compare to the single player campaign?

BJ: I think our screenshots and HD video from the past months speak for themselves. We're very happy with how the game has turned out - it's a true work of art in addition to being damn fun to play.

Halo 3 Interview

CCC: Are you planning extra downloadable content for the future? How soon can we expect it?

BJ: We have nothing to announce quite yet - we're just trying to get Halo 3 out the door. However, it's safe to assume that we'll continue to support Halo 3 well after the game has launched.

Halo 3 Interview

CCC: How does the four-player co-op work in terms of story?

BJ: Halo 3 is centered around Master Chief and his quest to finish the fight and save humanity. Playing the game with up to 4 people cooperatively is a great new social way to enjoy the game but it's meant to exist outside the core fictional experience.

CCC: How many new weapons are in Halo 3? How many new vehicles? Can you describe them?

BJ: There are far too many to get into here but suffice it to say that we've doubled the size of the Halo "sandbox" with a large variety of new weapons, vehicles and equipment. Most of these new elements are centered around the increased focus of the Brutes and our desire to give them more personality and identity with their own armaments like the Brute Spiker and Mauler as well as their own vehicles like the Brute Chopper and Prowler.

Halo 3 Interview

CCC: What is your favorite new weapon/vehicle/equipment?

BJ: My favorite vehicle is probably the Prowler - it's basically the Brute version of the Warthog with spots for a gunner and 2 passengers. It skims along the sands like a hovercraft. My favorite weapon nowadays is the Brute Mauler - a one handed, short range shotgun style weapon. And for equipment, I'd have to stick with the good ole' Bubble Shield - it's saved my ass too many times to remember.

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HALO 3 Special
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