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Halo 3 Special

Halo 3 Online Tournament (9/28 to 9/30)

CCC's Halo Tournament

Do you feel like you have been waiting for Halo 3 for forever? So do we. Well, it is finally upon us, and to begin the talks of who's better and who's not, CheatCC is holding a Halo 3 Tournament. The tournament will begin Friday, September 28th and run throughout the weekend, ending on September 30th.

- Sign-ups for the Halo 3 Tournament have now closed. Keep an eye out for the next tournament announcement, hopefully to arrive soon! -

The tournament will be set up with 16 teams. The winning team will have to square off against one another for the glory prize in an ultimate showdown to determine the ruler of Halo 3.

Tournament Line-Up

Check Out the Prizes!

    Grand Prize - $100 GameStop Gift Card and CCC T-Shirt.

Robert McAllister - Rochester, MI

    1st Runner Up - $50 GameStop Gift Card and CCC T-Shirt.

Bradley Long - Edgewood, MD

    2nd Runner Up - $25 GameStop Gift Card and CCC T-Shirt.

FullAndy? - Contact Us!

    3rd Runner Up - CCC T-Shirt and Cap.

Tyk Blaze - Rochester, MI

HALO 3 Tournament F.A.Q.

Will you be able to bring your own team or will CheatCC provide one for you?

You can do both. If you have a team already then you will need to send your gamertag along with theirs to rockstarv@cheatcc.com. If you do not have a team and cannot find one, then CheatCC will assist you in this area as well.

How will the winners of each match be determined?

It will be determined depending on the game played.

How will you know who won the matches?

The responsibility for letting the moderators of CheatCC know will fall on the team captains. Once the match is over each team captain will have to send an email to rockstarv@cheatcc.com giving the totals for both sides.

How will you know if someone is lying?

We hope that everyone that participates will be trustworthy and respect the honor code. However, in the event that there is a discrepancy we will do everything in our power to resolve the complication. If for whatever reason a resolution cannot be met, disqualification of the offending party from the tournament may occur.

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HALO 3 Special
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