Army Men: Sarge's Heroes

Strategy Guide

All weapons

Enter "NSRLS" as a password.

Maximum ammunition

Enter "MMLVSRM" as a password.

Play as General Plastro

Enter "PLSTRLVSVG" as a password.

Play as Vikki

Enter "GRNGRLRX" as a password.

Play as Tin Soldier

Enter "TNSLDRS" as a password. Note: Enter this code after activating another character code to create a Tin version of that character.

Test information

Enter "THDTST" as a password.

Mini mode

Enter "DRVLLVSMM" as a password.

Reverse weapon selection

While playing the game, hold B and press Z to cycle through weapons in reverse order.

Restart level

While playing the game, hold L + R + C-Down to return to the starting location of the current level.

Level passwords

Riff MissionMSTRMN
Hoover MissionSCRDCT
Thick MissionSTPDMN
Snow MissionBLZZRD
Shrap MissionSRFPNK
Fort PlastroGNRLMN
Scorch MissionHTTTRT
Living RoomHXMSTR
The Way Home [Note]VRCLN

Note: This password also unlocks all characters in multi-player mode.

Game Shark Codes

Note: You must have a 3.0 or higher version of the Game Shark to use these codes.

Enable Code (Must Be On)F10507CC 2400
Infinite Continues81159692 0001
Invincible8115FCEE 0001
Invisible81159682 0001
All Weapons8115969E 0001
Maximum Ammo8115FCBE 0001
Play as Tin Solider811596A2 0001
Play as Vikki811609A2 0008
Play as Plastro811609A2 0009
Play as The Big Green One811609A2 0007
Test Info811599E6 0001
Maximum Visibility80070F52 0001
Incendiary Bullets80054C94 0001
Incendiary Bullets in Multi-player Mode80054C81 0001
Flamethrowers Fire in All Directions8006BD79 0020
Flamethrowers Do Not Work8006D69D 0001
Enemies Recognize Ability Slightly Lessened8005742D 0001
Everyones Weapon Floats Off When They Move
(Switch Weapons to Get Yours Back)
8006B1B3 0020
When Hit, Walls Turn Off (Enables Free Movement)80054C81 0002
Enemies Do What You Do80054CAD 0020
Pick-Up Items Invisible80055E54 0001
Fast Music8008425C 0001
Improved Screen Format8003177E 0001
8003140D 0001
Play Level Codes
Spy Blue81163FFA 0001
8116403E 88A0
Bathroom81163FFA 0001
8116403E 88B4
Riff Mission81163FFA 0001
8116403E 88C8
Forest81163FFA 0001
8116403E 88E0
Hoover Mission81163FFA 0001
8116403E 88F0
Thick Mission81163FFA 0001
8116403E 8908
Snow Mission81163FFA 0001
8116403E 8920
Shrap Mission81163FFA 0001
8116403E 8938
Fort Plastro81163FFA 0001
8116403E 8950
Scorch Mission81163FFA 0001
8116403E 8968
Showdown81163FFA 0001
8116403E 8980
Sandbox81163FFA 0001
8116403E 8994
Kitchen81163FFA 0001
8116403E 89A4
Living Room81163FFA 0001
8116403E 89B4
The Way Home81163FFA 0001
8116403E 89C8

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