BattleTanx: Global Assault

Strategy Guide


Level select

Enter "8ODYS" as a code.


Enter "HPPYHPPY" as a code. -From:

All weapons

Enter "RCKTSRDGLR" as a code. -From:

Campaign mode bonus level

Enter "WRDRB" as a code to unlock the Boat Assault secret level after campaign mode is completed.

Brandon gang

Enter "NNKNHCKS" as a code. -From:

Custom 1 gang

Enter "TRDDYBRRKS" as a code to unlock the Custom 1 gang (M2 Hydra tank) in multi-player mode.

Customized gangs

When you enter the "TRDDYBRRKS" code and "Custom Gang" appears at the bottom, you can actually type in letters and customize your own gangs. For example, if you enter "TRDDYBRRKS" and then enter "X", you get grenades, two Goliath tanks, 2 FLP-Es, and a Laser Tank. You can also type in various combinations to get various groups. For example, enter "SGG" for three Goliath tanks, an Inferno, and a Motortank.

Weapons power-up

Begin a game and collect at least fifteen of one weapon, except for grenades. Aim at an opponent, then press A + B to fire a powered-up version of that weapon. Note: Press A + B + Z when guided missiles are under your control to fire a blue laser.

Commit suicide

While playing the game, press C-Up + C-Down + C-Left + C-Right. This is especially useful if you have selected the wrong tank with the invincibility code activated.

Game Shark Codes

Level Select80117F49 0001
Invincibility80125AB0 0001
All Weapons80125AB1 0001
Infinite Tank Bucks80236A9F 0064
Secret Level80125AB2 0001
Enable Models80125AB3 0001
Cassandra Gang80125AB5 0001
Brandon Gang80125AB6 0001
Mini-Tanks 180125AB8 0001
Mini-Tanks 280125AB9 0001
Mini-Tanks 380125ABA 0001
Mini-Tanks 480125ABB 0001
Mini-Tanks 580125ABC 0001
Unknown80125AB4 0001

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