Game Shark Codes

North American Version

Infinite Credits811C481A FFFF
Infinite Spiked Mines8009E118 0006
Infinite Zombie Zapper8009E1C0 0006
Infinite Car Zapper8009E1A8 0006
Infinite Green Guy8009E161 0006
Infinite Turbo8009E131 0006
Infinite Jumping Guy8009E149 0006
Infinite Hover Jump8009E179 0006
All Zombies Destroyed (Quickly Beat Level)8009AC47 0050
All Cars Destroyed (You Do Not Get The Car However)801C496B 0003
Always on Lap Modifier (04 For Last Lap)801C47EB 00??
Start on Lap Modifier (04 For Last Lap)D01C47EB 0001
801C47EB 00??

European and Australian (PAL) Version

Infinite Credits801BE29A FFFF
Always Place First801BE282 0003
Stop Game Timer811BE21E 16ED
All Zombies Destroyed80094BEE 0064

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