Crowd taunts

While playing the game, press the D-pad in any direction to force the crowd to yell at the opposing team.

Alternate scoring animation

After scoring a goal, press C-Left, C-Right, C-Up, or C-Down for a different scoring animation.

Game Shark Codes

Press GS Button For Time Modifier89116337 00??
8911633B 00??
Home Team Codes
Score Modifier80119047 00??
Shots on Goal Modifier80119457 00??
Saves Modifier8011945B 00??
Corner Kicks Modifier8011945F 00??
Fouls Modifier80119463 00??
Attacking Time Modifier81119472 ????
In Midfield Time Modifier81119476 ????
Defending Time Modifier8111947A ????
Away Team Codes
Score Modifier80119043 00??
Shots on Goal Modifier801191EF 00??
Saves Modifier801191F3 00??
Corner Kicks Modifier801191F7 00??
Fouls Modifier801191FB 00??
Attacking Time Modifier8111920A ????
In Midfield Time Modifier8111920E ????
Defending Time Modifier81119212 ????
Quantity Digits to Accompany Time Modifier Code
00 - Beginning of Half
01-EF - Various Time in The Half
F0 - End Half Almost Instantly

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