Mischief Makers

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Note: This game is also titled Go! Go! (Yuke! Yuke!) Troublemakers.

Sound test

At the title screen, press Left + A + C-Left + C-Right + Start.

Bonus ending

Get an "A" on every level and collect the fifty-two gold gems. Then during the ending sequence, hit the target on Teren that appears for a slightly different version.

Bonus levels

Collect all fifty-two gold gems and view the entire ending sequence. Press R after the last screen with the stages appears to access twelve bonus levels.

Skip introduction sequences

Press Z.

Faster speed

Repeatedly tap Right during any of the running sequences to move faster and win the race.

    Creating a clanbomb

    Place four Bombs into a clanpot and shake it to create a Clanbomb.

    Creating a ninja start

    Place two Flowers into a clanpot and shake it to create a Ninja Star.

    Creating a Boomerang

    Place three Ninja Stars into a clanpot and shake it to create a Boomerang.

    Creating a Green Gem

    Place six Blue Gems into a clanpot and shake it to create a Green Gem.

    Creating a Gold Gem

    Place two Green Gems into a clanpot and shake it to create a Gold Gem.

    Getting Red Gems

    Shack the first Clancer in level 3-8 to get thirty gems. Exit the level and start it again for another thirty gems.

    Getting Mole's Gold Gem

    Throw the mole into the air, then hit his stomach to get his gold gem.

    Quicker Lunar level

    Shake the missiles on the Lunar level to make them bigger. It will take less time to complete the stage if this is done.

    Defeating Tarus

    When you pick up the robot's foot, shake him to the ground. Then shake him up and quickly shake down.

Game Shark Codes

Infinite Health810ED0E0 03E8
Infinite Red Gems81175B66 270F
Press GS Button For First 16 Gold Gems8916F546 FFFF
Press GS Button For Second 16 Gold Gems8916F544 FFFF
Press GS Button For Third 16 Gold Gems8916F542 FFFF
Press GS Button For World Modifier88175B85 00??
Press GS Button For Level Modifier88175B87 00??
Press C-Right For Quick Speed RightD0183A35 0001
810ED0DC 0008
Press C-Left For Quick Speed LeftD0183A35 0002
Press C-Up For Quick Speed UpD0183A35 0008
810ED0F0 0006
Press C-Right For Quicker Speed Right [Note]D0183A35 0001
810ED0DC 0010
Press C-Left For Quicker Speed Left [Note]D0183A35 0002
Quantity Digits to Accompany World Modifier Code
02 - World 1-X
0C - World 2-X
18 - World 3-X
25 - World 4-X
31 - World 5-X
Quantity Digits to Accompany Level Modifier Code
00 - Level 1
01 - Level 2
02 - Level 3
03 - Level 4
04 - Level 5
05 - Level 6
06 - Level 7
07 - Level 8
08 - Level 9
09 - Level 10
0A - Level 11
0B - Level 12

Note: You can also go through most walls with this code.

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