NBA In The Zone '98
Easy free throws

At the free throw line, tap Analog-stick Up multiple times to slow the shot indicator.

Change jersey number

Remove a player from the roster, then re-select him as a free agent. Alternatively, press L or R when selecting a team's playing order.

Game Shark Codes

Home Team Score Modifier8013C2B1 00??
Home Team Infinite Time-Outs8013C2D6 0009
80140862 0009
Home Team No Time-Outs8013C2D6 0000
80140862 0000
Away Team Score Modifier8013C2B3 00??
Away Team Infinite Time-Outs8013C2D7 0009
80140863 0009
Away Team No Time-Outs8013C2D7 0000
80140863 0000
No Shot Clock81140E1E FFFF
Create-a-Player Codes
Max Field Goal8013FF98 0063
Max 3 Point8013FF99 0063
Max Free Throw8013FF9A 0063
Max Rebound8013FF9C 0063
Max Block8013FF9D 0063
Max Steal8013FF9E 0063
Max Speed8013FF9F 0063
Max Ball Control8013FFA1 0063
Max Power8013FFA2 0063

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