NFL Quarterback Club '98


Hidden message

Select the New Orleans Saints as a team and begin a game at the Superdome. Then, begin an instant replay and press Z to enter camera mode. Now press L to pan up to look at the right side of either goal to find the phrase "Get Back On The Bus John-Boy... Its Our Game Now", in reference to John Madden.

Cheat Codes

Enter one of the following codes at the cheat menu to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Eight downs8DWNDRV
Tall skinny playersBBMNTBL
Super defenseBGBFYDF
Stronger receiversBGBFYFF
Further divesBGSPRDV
Spinning recieverBGTWSTRS
Better quarterbackBRDWYNMTH
Farther jumpsCRLLWYS
Infinite downsDWNDRV
Slow-motion modeFRMBYFRM
Large playersGLYTHMD
Fumble modeGTNHNDS
Constant fumblesGTNHNDS
Short playersJPNSMWR
Instant passesLDSTRTRK
Disable all cheatsLLCHTSFF
Poor defenseLLDFSCK
Poor offenseLLFFSCK
Ball tipped on passesLWYSTPSS
Fast playersMCHLJNSN
Constant divesMNFLDMD
Never tackleNBCTCKLS
Crawling playersPBYBYMD
Poor playersPWHYRMN
Strong, but slow running backsRNLDSWZNGR
Small playersSMLMDGT
Sled modeSNWSLDS
100 yard passes, kicks, and puntsSPRBGRMS
Always tackleSPRDPRTCKL
Slippery fieldSPRSLYD
Super playersSPRTMMD
Turbo runningSPRTRBMD
Acclaim and Iguana teamsSTNTXTM
Easier catchesSTYCKYHNDS
No fumblesTGHTGRP
Poor quarterbackTRNTDLFR
Stronger running backsWLTRPYTN
Electric football modeYLCTRCFB
Maximum discipline and awareness statsYNSTYNS

Game Shark Codes

Home Team Infinite Time Outs80056B96 0003
Home Team No Time Outs80056B96 0000
Away Team Infinite Time Outs80056F8E 0003
Away Team No Time Outs80056F8E 0000
Infinite Time to Choose Play800A6739 0028
No Time to Choose Play800A6739 0000
Press GS Button To Reset Timer to 0:00890A4A26 0000
Press GS Button to Reset Timer to 5:00890A4A26 012C
Press GS Button To Reset Timer to a Large Number890A4A26 FFFF
Press GS Button For 1st Down880A5376 0001
Press GS Button For 2nd Down880A5376 0002
Press GS Button For 3rd Down880A5376 0003
Press GS Button For 4th Down880A5376 0004
Character Creation Codes
Press GS Button For Max Speed800B0B97 0064
Press GS Button For Max Strength800B0B99 0064
Press GS Button For Max Agility800B0B9B 0064
Press GS Button For Max Aware800B0B9D 0064
Press GS Button For Max Discipline800B0B9F 0064
Press GS Button For Max Endurance800B0BA1 0064
Press GS Button For Max Pass Acc800B0BA3 0064
Press GS Button For Max Pass Rng800B0BA5 0064

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