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Cheat mode

Enter C-Down, Up, C-Up, C-Left, C-Up, Left, C-Down, C-Left or Left, Up, C-Down, C-Left, C-Right, C-Up, C-Left, Down as a password. Alternatively, enter C-Down, Up, C-Up, C-Left, C-Right, Left, C-Left, Up as a password or successfully complete the game with either character on any difficulty level. Wait for the ending credits to complete, then select "Start" from the main menu to access a cheat menu. Options on this cheat menu will allow infinite lives, inventory, continues, play as a monster, and level select. -From: and

Level passwords

Up, Down, C-Up, C-Down, C-Up, Down, Left, C-Right
Up, Left, C-Up, C-Down, C-Up, Left, C-Up, C-Right
Up, C-Down, C-Up, Left, C-Up, C-Left, C-Down, Left
Up, Right, C-Up, C-Down, C-Up, C-Up, C-Right, C-Right
Down, Left, C-Up, Down, C-Up, C-Right, C-Left, Up
Down, C-Left, Right, C-Down, Up, C-Down, Down, Up
Down, C-Down, C-Right, C-Left, C-Up, C-Up, Left, C-Up
Left, C-Left, C-Up, C-Left, C-Up, Down, C-Right, C-Left

Game Shark Codes

Ignatius Chelsea Level Codes
Hack Mode812EC658 2000
Infinite Health812EC6E6 1000
Walk Through Walls812EC6E8 1000
Ignatius Spitafields Level Codes
Hack Mode81321570 2000
Infinite Health813215FE 1000
Walk Through Walls81321600 1000
Ignatius Thames Tunnel Level Codes
Hack Mode8131AAE0 2000
Infinite Health8131AB6E 1000
Walk Through Walls8131AB70 1000
Ignatius Sewer Snake Level Codes
Hack Mode81255DB8 2000
Infinite Health81255E46 1000
Walk Through Walls81255E48 1000
Ignatius India Docks Level Codes
Hack Mode813214B8 2000
Infinite Health81321546 1000
Walk Through Walls81321548 1000
Ignatius Highgate Cemetery Level Codes
Hack Mode8131B258 2000
Infinite Health8131B2E6 1000
Walk Through Walls8131B2E8 1000
Ignatius Hampstead Heath Level Codes
Hack Mode81321828 2000
Infinite Health813218B6 1000
Walk Through Walls813218B8 1000
Ignatius Queenhite Docks Level Codes
Hack Mode81320B90 2000
Infinite Health81320C1E 1000
Walk Through Walls81320C20 1000
Ignatius City Level Codes
Hack Mode813281C8 2000
Infinite Health81328256 1000
Walk Through Walls81328258 1000
Ignatius Smithfield Level Codes
Hack Mode8130AFD0 2000
Infinite Health8130B05E 1000
Walk Through Walls8130B060 1000
Ignatius Snowman Level Codes
Hack Mode81251408 2000
Infinite Health81251496 1000
Walk Through Walls81251498 1000
Ignatius Regent's Level Codes
Hack Mode81315398 2000
Infinite Health81315326 1000
Walk Through Walls81315328 1000
Ignatius London Zoo Level Codes
Hack Mode8131DF80 2000
Infinite Health8131E00E 1000
Walk Through Walls8131E010 1000
Ignatius St. Marilebone Level Codes
Hack Mode8131CC40 2000
Infinite Health8131CD4E 1000
Walk Through Walls8131CD50 1000
Ignatius Bloomsbury Level Codes
Hack Mode8132C468 2000
Infinite Health8132C4F6 1000
Walk Through Walls8132C4F8 1000
Ignatius Pimlico Level Codes
Hack Mode8131F940 2000
Infinite Health8131F9CE 1000
Walk Through Walls8131F9D0 1000
Ignatius Jose Manuel Level Codes
Hack Mode8125F108 2000
Infinite Health8125F196 1000
Walk Through Walls8125F198 1000
Ignatius Westminister Level Codes
Hack Mode812F4E40 2000
Infinite Health812F4ECE 1000
Walk Through Walls812F4ED0 1000
Ignatius Westminister II Level Codes
Hack Mode812F5D58 2000
Infinite Health812F5DE6 1000
Walk Through Walls812F5DE8 1000
Ignatius The Roofs Level Codes
Hack Mode81284870 2000
Infinite Health812848FE 1000
Walk Through Walls81284900 1000
Nadia Chelsea Level Codes
Hack Mode812EB648 2000
Infinite Health812EB6D6 0C0C
Walk Through Walls812EB6D8 1000
Nadia Spitafield Level Codes
Hack Mode81320188 2000
Infinite Health81320116 0C0C
Walk Through Walls81320118 1000
Nadia Thames Tunnel Level Codes
Hack Mode81319A38 2000
Infinite Health81319AC6 0C0C
Walk Through Walls81319AC8 1000
Nadia Sewer Snake Level Codes
Hack Mode81254898 2000
Infinite Health81254926 0C0C
Walk Through Walls81254928 1000
Nadia India Docks Level Codes
Hack Mode81320240 2000
Infinite Health813202CE 0C0C
Walk Through Walls813202D0 1000
Nadia Highgate Cemetary Level Codes
Hack Mode8131A500 2000
Infinite Health8131A58E 0C0C
Walk Through Walls8131A590 1000
Nadia Hampstead Heath Level Codes
Hack Mode81320348 2000
Infinite Health813203D6 0C0C
Walk Through Walls813203D8 1000
Nadia Queenhite Dock's Level Codes
Hack Mode8131FAF0 2000
Infinite Health8131FB7E 0C0C
Walk Through Walls8131FB80 1000
Nadia City Level Codes
Hack Mode813269A8 2000
Infinite Health81326A36 0C0C
Walk Through Walls81326A38 1000
Nadia Smithfield Level Codes
Hack Mode8130A040 2000
Infinite Health8130A0CE 0C0C
Walk Through Walls8130A0D0 1000
Nadia Snowman Level Codes
Hack Mode8124FFA8 2000
Infinite Health81250036 0C0C
Walk Through Walls81250038 1000
Nadia Regent's Canal Level Codes
Hack Mode81313DA8 2000
Infinite Health81313E36 0C0C
Walk Through Walls81313E38 1000
Nadia London Zoo Level Codes
Hack Mode8131CAD8 2000
Infinite Health8131CB66 0C0C
Walk Through Walls8131CB68 1000
Nadia St. Marilebone Level Codes
Hack Mode8131B5F8 2000
Infinite Health8131B686 0C0C
Walk Through Walls8131B688 1000
Nadia Bloomsbury Level Codes
Hack Mode8132B1C8 2000
Infinite Health8132B256 0C0C
Walk Through Walls8132B258 1000
Nadia Pimlico Level Codes
Hack Mode8131E428 2000
Infinite Health8131E4B6 0C0C
Walk Through Walls8131E4B8 1000
Nadia Jose Manuel Level Codes
Hack Mode8125D980 2000
Infinite Health8125DA0E 0C0C
Walk Through Walls8125DA10 1000
Nadia Westminister Level Codes
Hack Mode812F3580 2000
Infinite Health812F360E 0C0C
Walk Through Walls812F3610 1000
Nadia Westminister II Level Codes
Hack Mode812F4BE8 2000
Infinite Health812F4C76 0C0C
Walk Through Walls812F4C78 1000
Nadia The Roofs Level Codes
Hack Mode81282D28 2000
Infinite Health81282DB6 0C0C
Walk Through Walls81282DB8 1000
All Level Codes
Infinite Spider Cards810A4BAE 0009
Infinite Proximity Mines810A4BB0 0009
Infinite Repulsive Smoke810A4BB2 0009
Infinite Freeze Spell810A4BB4 0009
Infinite Dynamite810A4BB6 0009
Infinite Flash810A4BB8 0009
Infinite Fire Bombs810A4BBA 0009
Infinite Multi-Gun810A4BBC 0009
Infinite Berzerkers810A4BBE 0009
Infinite Super Healing810A4BC0 0009
Infinite Healing810A4BC2 0009
Infinite Chaos810A4BC4 0009
Infinite Gun810A4BC6 0009
Infinite Lives800A4B53 0009
Turn Health Meter Off (Not Invincible-Buggy)800A4BD3 0001
Level Modifier810978B0 00??
Start on Level ModifierD00978B1 0000
810978B0 00??
Quantity Digits to Accompany Level Modifier Codes
00 - Chelsea
01 - Spitafields
02 - Thames Tunnel
03 - Sewer Snake
04 - India Docks
05 - Highgate Cemetery
06 - Hampstead Heath
07 - Queenhite Docks
08 - City
09 - Smithfield
0A - Snowman
0B - Regent's
0C - London Zoo
0D - St. Marilebone
0E - Bloomsbury
0F - Pimlico
10 - Jose Manuel
11 - Westminister
12 - Westminister II
13 - The Roofs
14 - Map

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