Rakuga Kids

Strategy Guide

Play as Inoz

Accumulate over two hours of total game play. Then at the character selection screen, hold L while choosing Mamazo.

Play as Darkness

Accumulate over five hours of total game play. Then, Darkness will be selectable at the character selection screen.

Extra options

Accumulate over ten hours of total game play. Then, an "Extra options" selection will appear on the options menu.

Alternate costume colors

At the character selection screen, press the various Punch and Kick buttons while choosing a fighter.

Game Shark Codes

Infinite Health P1810AC338 0140
Infinite Super Attacks P1810AC33C 0003
P1 Score Modifier810AC3B6 00??
Infinite Health P2810AC428 0140
Infinite Super Attacks P2810AC42A 0003
P2 Score Modifier810AC4A6 00??

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