Ridge Racer 64

Strategy Guide


Galaga '88 mini-game

Finish Ridge Racer Extreme Extra in first place to play one level of the classic Galaga '88 game. Destroy all forty aliens to unlock the Galaga '88 car and "Galaga Pac Jam" song.

Caddy car

Begin a race on the first track in grand prix mode. At the start of the race, turn your car directly around and drive into the brick wall until you pass through it. A reversed race should now begin. Win this race to unlock the extremely fast caddy car.

Crazy Canuck car

Select car attack mode and choose stage 8 in mirror mode. Defeat the car to unlock the Crazy Canuck car.

Pooka car

Select time attack mode and choose stage 7 or 8. Select set record. Break the record to unlock the Pooka car.

00-Agent car

Note: Two players are required to unlock this car. Select two player mode and choose team mode. Select three teams and choose stage 7 or 8. Win first and second place to unlock the 00-Agent car.

Blinky ghost car

Drive 99 laps in free run in time attack mode on any track.

Car preview

At the car selection screen or trophy screen, press C-Up, C-Right, C-Down, or C-Left to change the view and rotate the cars.

Motion blurring

During an instant replay, press C-Left to add a motion blur effect.

Reverse 360 Powerslide

Set the drift mode option to "RR64". Begin a game and get to a sharp turn. Stop accelerating, turn the opposite direction from the turn, and accelerate again while still turning. If done correctly, your car will spin around during the powerslide. After you are turned around, control the car as if in a normal powerslide and re-align it with the track. This trick allows your car to get through winding turns without braking or losing speed.

Game Shark Codes

Infinite Time811269CA 0700
Always Place First81056444 0001
Unlock All Cars8102F19C FFFF
8102F19E FFFF
Unlock All Tracks & Trophies81043530 FFFF
81043532 FFFF
81043534 FFFF
81043536 FFFF
Grand Prix Mode Codes
Car Modifier8113CF5A 00??
Track Modifier8113CF6A 00??
Quantity Digits to Accompany Car Modifier Code
00 - F/A Racing
01 - RT Ryukyu
02 - PAC Racing
03 - RT Solvalou
04 - RT Pink Mappy
05 - RT Blue Mappy
06 - Galaga RT Prid's
07 - Galaga RT Carrot
08 - RT Bosconian
09 - RT Nebulasray
0A - RT Xevious Red
0B - RT Xevious Green
0C - Dig Racing Team
0D - Micro Mouse Mappy
0E - 13th Racing Kid
0F - White Angel
10 - Digipen Racing
11 - Assoluto Infinito
12 - Age Solo Supernova
13 - Atomic Purple
14 - Extreme Green
15 - Terrazi Terrific
16 - Lizard Nightmare
17 - Screamin' Eagle
18 - Ultra 64 (Full Stats)
19 - 00-Agent
1A - Galaga' 88
1B - Blinky
1C - Red Shirt Rage
1D - Crazy Canuck
1E - Caddy Car
1F - Pooka
20 - Trophy Room
21 - Ridge Racer Novice
22 - Revolution Novice
23 - Renegade Novice
24 - Ridge Racer Intermediate
25 - Revolution Intermediate
26 - Renegade Intermediate
27 - Ridge Racer Expert
28 - Revolution Expert
29 - Renegade Expert
2A - Ridge Racer Extreme
Quantity Digits to Accompany Track Modifier Code
00 - Ridge Racer Novice
01 - Revolution Novice
02 - Renegade Novice
03 - Ridge Racer Intermediate
04 - Revolution Intermediate
05 - Renegade Intermediate
06 - Ridge Racer Expert
07 - Revolution Expert
08 - Renegade Expert
09 - Ridge Racer Extreme

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