Rugrats: Scavenger Hunt


Hidden level

At the title screen, hold Z and press R, A to display a password screen. Then at the password screen, press Z, A, A, B, R, L to start the game at a hidden stage in the Angelica's Temple level.

Game Shark Codes

All Mode Codes
Character Modifier P181052F26 00??
Character Modifier P281052F2A 00??
Character Modifier P381052F2E 00??
Character Modifier P481052F32 00??
Game Type Modifier81059DF0 00??
Board Size Modifier81059E08 00??
Angelica's Temple Codes
Health Modifier P180251866 00??
Cookies Modifier P180251867 00??
Pirate Treasure Hunt Codes
Health Modifier P180259AE6 00??
Cookies Modifier P180259AE7 00??
Reptar Rally Codes
Reptar Bar Modifier P1 (0000-7FFF)81243028 ????
Max Snow Cones Modifier P1 (0000-7FFF)81243020 ????
Snow Cones Modifier P1 (0000-7FFF)81243018 ????
Max Candy Modifier P1 (0000-7FFF)81243022 ????
Candy Modifier P1 (0000-7FFF)8124301A ????
Max Fire Crackers Modifier P1 (0000-7FFF)81243024 ????
Fire Crackers Modifier P1 (0000-7FFF)8124301C ????
Max Bowl Modifier P1 (0000-7FFF)81243026 ????
Bowl Modifier P1 (0000-7FFF)8124301E ????
Quantity Digits to Accompany Character Modifier Code
00 - Tommy
01 - Chuckie
02 - Lil
03 - Phil
Quantity Digits to Accompany Game Type Modifier Code
00 - Angelica's Temple
01 - Pirate Treasure Hunt
02 - Reptar Rally
Quantity Digits to Accompany Board Size Modifier Code
00 - Small
01 - Medium
02 - Large

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