Snowboard Kids
All snowboards, characters, and courses

At the title screen, press Analog-stick Down, Analog-stick Up, Down, Up, C-Down, C-Up, L, R, Z, Left, C-right, Analog-stick Up, B, Right, C-Left, Start. If you entered the code correctly, Nancy will laugh.

Play as Shinobin

Earn a gold medal on the "Ninja Land" bonus course.

Quicksand Valley course

Earn gold medals on courses one through six. Then, a new snowboard and the Quicksand Valley desert track will become available.

Silver Mountain course

Earn a gold medal on the "Quicksand Valley" bonus track. This will enable the Silver Mountain track and a special ending sequence with all characters.

Ninja Land course

Earn a gold medal on the "Silver Mountain" bonus track.

Game Shark Codes

Coin Modifier P1811222EA ????
Start on Lap Modifier P1D0122288 0000
80122288 00??
Always Place First P180122289 0000
Coin Modifier P2811228F6 ????
Start on Lap Modifier P2D0122894 0000
80122894 00??
Always Place First P280122895 0000
Coin Modifier P381122F02 ????
Start on Lap Modifier P3D0122EA0 0000
80122EA0 00??
Always Place First P380122EA1 0000
Coin Modifier P48112350E ????
Start on Lap Modifier P4D01234AC 0000
801234AC 00??
Always Place First P4801234AD 0000
Infinite Cash801222EA C350
One Lap RaceD0122288 0000
80122288 0009
Enable Shinobin8110AE5E 0100
Have All Gold Medals810ECA22 0101
810ECA24 0101
810ECA26 0101
810ECA28 0101
810ECA2A 0101
810ECA2C 0101
Quantity Digits to Accompany Start on Lap Modifier Codes
00 - Lap 1
01 - Lap 2
02 - Lap 3
03 - Lap 4
04 - Lap 5

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