Virtual Pool 64
Rotate CPU cue stick

While the CPU is taking a shot, press R to change to the overhead view. The CPU cue stick may now be rotated from this screen.

Re-shoot when playing against the CPU

To re-shoot an incorrect shot with the same angle, but a different strength, wait until the CPU takes its turn after the bad shot. Press Left to enter replay mode during the CPU's turn, then hold R to change to the overhead view before the replay begins. Hold A and re-shoot after changing the strength of the shot.

Extra rating points

Defeat the CPU in a game, then view the replay. Your rating points will increase each time the replay of your win is viewed.

Game Shark Codes

Aiming Sites Always Available812F0922 0004
Ball Always in Hand802EF79C 0002
Ball in Hand P1D02EF798 0001
802EF79C 0002
Always P1's Turn802EF798 0000
Ratings Modifier P181062C6A ????
Wins Modifier P1812EF780 ????
Ball in Hand P2D02EF798 0001
802EF79C 0002
Always P2's Turn802EF798 0001
Ratings Modifier P281062CEE ????
Wins Modifier P2812EF782 ????

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