World Driver Championship

Strategy Guide

All Sydney tracks

Remove the memory pak from the controller. Then, start a new championship and enter "FROZENSKY" as a name. Accept an offer from one of the two teams. Once you have accepted, return to the main menu, and select a quick race. Choose one of the race modes, and you should have access to any of the Sydney tracks. Return to the main menu, and insert the memory pak. Load your current career to restore all of your game settings. Save your career. Then when the game is reloaded, all six variations of the Sydney tracks should still be available.

All GT2 Circuit cars

At the circuit menu in championship mode, press Z, Right, Z(3), B, C-Down, A, Right, Start on controller two. Then, all cars will be unlocked at the GT2 Circuit team selection screen. Note: No experience points will be gained and the same number of Gold Cups still are needed to unlock events. -From:

Infinite Restart Credits

While playing the game, press Z, Right, Z, Right, Right, Start, Z, A, Right, Z, Start. The Restart Credits will always remain at nine. Note: The Restart Credits will begin to decrease if a game is saved and resumed, however the code can be enabled as needed again.

Red tire tracks

While playing the game, press B, Left, Up, Down, Right(3), Down.

Top down view

While playing the game, press Up(3), A, Left, A(3).

Faster car

Begin a new game in championship mode and enter "EVILROB" as a name. After reaching the McCloud F-Type A car in the GT1 cars, your speed will increase. Hold R with an automatic transmission to go even faster and exceed 230 mph. This will not work with a manual transmission. Note: The ghosts made with this car will not work properly.

Pink cars

Start a new game in championship mode and enter "IGN64" as a name. -From:

Custom ending sequence

Successfully complete the GT2 Circuit to unlock the GT2 ending sequence selection on the options screen. Select that option to view any car in the ending sequence.

Falcon Interceptor

Successfully complete the game with a gold trophy in all events. Return to the event selection screen and choose the novice cup. Defeat the Falcon Interceptor car in the novice cup races. Then the Falcon Interceptor will be unlocked under the Boss Racing on the team selection screen.

Alternate car color

At the car selection screen, press Z.

Mirrored tracks

At the track selection screen in quick race or versus mode, press Z to choose a track.

Bonus tracks in quick race mode

Win with a particular car and track to unlock the indicated bonus track. Note: Three of these tracks are not available in championship mode.

TrackCarBonus track
Hawaii A (2 laps)Stallion CLas Vegas CR
Las Vegas A (3 laps)Manta CSydney CR
Lisbon C (3 laps)Rage CHawaii C
Lisbon CR (4 laps)Swift CKyoto B
Hawaii C (2 laps)Rage AKyoto AR

Game Shark Codes

Unlock '96 Rage 996 GTR B80098AA4 0001
Unlock '98 Rage 996 GTR A80098AB8 0001
Unlock '97 Rage 512 EVO B81098860 0101
Unlock '98 Rage 512 EVO A81098874 0101
Unlock '97 Reeds R12 Manta C81098888 0101
Unlock '98 Reeds R12 Manta B8109889C 0101
Unlock '99 Reeds R12 Manta A810988B0 0101
Unlock '98 Stallion SR B810988D8 0101
Unlock '99 Stallion SR A810988EC 0101
Unlock '97 Elan Scorpion C80098A18 0001
Unlock '97 Elan Scorpion B80098A2C 0001
Unlock '97 Elan Scorpion A80098A40 0001
Unlock '96 Elan Swift TT C81098900 0101
Unlock '97 Elan Swift TT B81098914 0101
Unlock '98 Elan Swift TT A81098928 0101
Unlock '98 Furio LS B8109893C 0101
Unlock '98 Furio LS A81098950 0101
Unlock '98 Ram Venom GTR B81098964 0101
Unlock '99 Ram Venom GTR A81098978 0101
Unlock '97 Hayai N70 C800989A0 0001
Unlock '97 Hayai N70 B800989B4 0001
Unlock '97 Hayai N70 A800989C8 0001
Unlock '97 Lance Scorcher GT C800989DC 0001
Unlock '98 Lance Scorcher GT B800989F0 0001
Unlock '98 Lance Scorcher GT A80098A04 0001
Unlock '98 McCloud F-Type B80098A54 0001
Unlock '98 McCloud F-Type A80098A68 0001
Unlock '98 Panzer Batraye GT B80098A7C 0001
Unlock '99 Panzer Batraye GT A80098A90 0001
Unlock '99 M-K Phantom R A80098ACC 0001
Unlock '99 EXR Challenger A8109898C 0101
Unlock '99 EXR Mystic A80098AE0 0001
Drive Through Walls800BB218 0045
Magnetized Walls810BB3B0 0FFF
Speed Boost800BB3C5 00FD
800BB3C9 00FD

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