3 Stars Of Destiny


Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    3 Stars Addict: Spend 80+ hours on the game.
    3000 Stars: Go through 3000+ fights.
    A Drop in The Ocean: Use 1 Ocean Love.
    A Girl and Her Cat: Make Luciana and Herasia "friends".
    A Long Way To Go: Walk 1000+ steps.
    A Longer Way To Go: Walk 10000+ steps.
    Artifact Collector: Find all artifacts.
    Better Safe Than Sorry: Save 100+ times.
    Body Over Mind (Luciana): Kill 50+ enemies with weapons only.
    Colyseum Hero: Win Colyseum.
    Crypt Cleaner: Kill Uzair.
    Every Lil' Bit Matters: Kill Golden Scorpion 10+ times.
    Frantic Fingers: Hit 200+ times on the punching machine in the village.
    Good Samaritan: Complete 30+ quests.
    I Got The Power: Finish the game in the hardest mode.
    I Like Searchin': Find 6+ items.
    I Love Searchin': Find 90+ items.
    In Love!!: Kiss Sarah.
    In Love?: Find Sarah.
    In Love??: Find Sarah again.
    In Love???!: Mend Sarah's leg.
    Indiana Jones Syndrome: Find that secret room with a cool sword in.
    Kami Kamikaze: Use Guanidia's Kamikaze 100+ times.
    Let's Cheat!: 80+ bonus crystals used.
    Luciana the Archmage: Kill 150+ enemies.
    Mad Fingers: Hit 250+ times on the punching machine in the village.
    Master of Time: Finish the game in less than 25 hours.
    Mind Over Body (Luciana): Kill 300+ enemies with spells only.
    Money Money (...) Money: Held more than 900,000 gold.
    Money Money Money: Held more than 200,000 gold.
    Peekaboo!: Change Spark's strategy 19+ times.
    Random Act I: Kill 10+ enemies.
    Random Act II: Kill 200+ enemies.
    Random Act III: Kill 3000+ enemies.
    Relic Collector: Find all relics.
    Sarah the Hunter: Kill 100+ enemies.
    Sarah the Slayer: Kill 1000+ enemies.
    Searchin' is My Passion: Find 700+ items.
    Simply the Best: Find all 51 secret rooms.
    Smart Player: Use XP Pumpkin.
    The Ambusher: Surprise 10+ times the enemies.
    The Beggar's Hat: Hold 100+ gold.
    The Explorer: Find 10+ secret rooms.
    The Explorer, Indy Jones Level: Find 40+ secret rooms.
    The First Step: Play 1+ hour.
    The King's Locket: Hold 100,000+ gold.
    The Knight's Purse: Hold 5000+ gold.
    The Longest Way To Go: Walk 100000+ steps.
    There Is Courage (and achievement...) In Retreat: Use Egress 25+ times.
    There Is No Small Profit: Use 20+ XP Pumpkins.
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