Alice: Madness Returns

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New Game + mode

Successfully complete the game. You can now start a second playthrough with your previously upgraded weapons and clothes.

Bonus dresses

Successfully complete the indicated chapter to unlock the corresponding dress:

    Classic: Infernal Train (Chapter 6). When equipped, you will regain health when shrunk.
    Misstitched: The Dollhouse (Chapter 5). When equipped, your Shrink Sense duration is doubled.
    Royal Suit: Queensland (Chapter 4). When equipped, your health is limited to four roses total.
    Silk Maiden: Oriental Grove (Chapter 3). When equipped, your enemies drop twice as many teeth.
    Siren: Deluded Depths (Chapter 2). When equipped, your enemies drop twice as many roses.
    Steamdress: Hatter's Domain (Chapter 1). When equipped, breakables drop more teeth and roses.

Collectible locations

Search the indicated locations to find all collectibles, including Memories, Pig Snouts, Bottles, and Peaches:

Chapter 1: Hatter's Domain

Chapter 2: Deluded Depths

Chapter 3: Oriental Grove

Chapter 4: Queensland

Chapter 5: The Dollhouse

Scroll Of Destiny mini-game

Psychonauts reference

In Chapter 4, just after you do the first chess puzzle, you will get chased into a hole by the giant unbeatable card monster. When you first get down there, go a short distance ahead, and look at the right wall to find a heart stone. Shrink down to learn that it is a fake rock. Run into the keyhole tunnel. On the other side is a floor where you can use a bomb to break it. Do so, then go down the stairs to get a memory and some extra teeth. There is also a skeleton sitting on a chair. It is Raz from Psychonauts. He can be identified by the red goggles, his shape, and the position he is in (which is the stance he uses for a mind attack). With this in mind, it looks like Raz is dead, and there will be no Psychonauts 2.

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