Angry Video Game Nerd 2: ASSimilation

Corey Feldman Interview

Power Glove

Reach the end of the "Hippo Hell" level. While riding the helicopter, go to the top of the ladder when the level exit "TNT" comes into view. Jump off to the right just as the helicopter stops moving to land on the platform above the level exit. Collect the Power Glove, then break the blocks to your right with it.

The Cape

During the first stage of "Ghouls n' Garbage", just after leaving the water for the final time, climb the wall on the left to find some breakable blocks. Use the Power Glove to break the blocks and get The Cape.

Turbo Controller

Immediately after the "Dookie Dookie Panic" level begins, find the brown and cracked wall at the bottom of the screen. Use the Power Glove to break the wall. Go through the opening. In the middle of the new room is a controller between a bunch of traps and enemies. Defeat the enemies, avoid the traps, and get the Turbo Controller. It charges your gun.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Can I fly out of this game?: Found the cape.
    Collector NERD: Collected all cartridges in a world.
    Completionist NERD: Collected every cartridge in the game!
    CONGLATURATION!: Defeated Death Mwauthzyx.
    Foul mouth: Dropped 100 F-Bombs.
    HARD AS BALLS: Beat Hard as Balls difficulty.
    He looks familiar: Defeated Board James.
    IMPOSSIBLE!: Beat F***ing Impossible difficulty.
    It's so bad: Found the Glove of Power.
    Max Advantage: Found the Turbo Pad.
    NERD: Collected all cartridges in a level.
    OLD SCHOOL: Beat Old School difficulty.
    Perfect Nerd: Perfected all stages.
    Playing with UBER power: Found the Uber Scope.
    Super Nerd!: Found all the armor.
    Thank god that's over!: Endured the tutorial.
    Totally looks like a sphincter.: Completed the sexforce.
    Undying: Perfected a stage (No deaths!).
    What, 9000??: Found the Swear'n'Scout.
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