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Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "DefaultInput.Ini" file in the game folder, which is probably in the "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Antichamber\UDKGame\Config\" directory. Locate the following section:

    ; Uncomment these to disable the console access

Notice there are two entries for the "ConsoleKey" command. Change the second instance (the one that was originally "ConsoleKey=None") to any desired key (for example, "ConsoleKey=F12"). Then while playing the game, press that key to display the console window. Type one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Result Cheat Code
God mode god
Toggle invisibility invisible [0 or 1]
No clipping mode ghost
Flight mode fly
Disable no clipping or flight modes walk
Toggle third person view behindview [0 or 1]
Set game speed; "1.0" is default slomo [number]

Obtaining guns

Progressing in the game relies on the manipulation of blocks to solve puzzles. To assist with this, there are various guns in the game world that improve with more functionality than the previous one. The guns, their functions, and the quickest way to get them are as follows:

    Blue gun

    Starting at Leap Of Faith, jump, walk at Into Darkness, go straight past the first corner (do not go right), and continue going into the dark, at There's No Way In. Go around to the bright side of the lattice, and look right into it. You will enter Logic 101, which has the blue gun. The blue gun retrieves and places individual colored blocks in the game world.

    Green gun

    At Leap Of Faith, there is a large eye on the wall behind you; stare at it. After the wall disintegrates, go into A Game Of Leap Frog, and use the two blocks to leapfrog into the middle of the three lasers. Patience will be rewarded with a quick route to the gun, leading into Learning To Draw. The green gun adds block drawing functions, and makes more blocks by creating hallow spaces with the blocks.

    Yellow gun

    After getting the green gun, return to Stairway To Heaven to gather green blocks. There is a trap door, with invisible stairs covering it, which leads to a respawning barricade of green blocks. Once at least twenty blocks are collected, jump while over the inertia elevator. The invisible stairs will no longer prevent you from falling, which will allow you to land on it and proceed into The Butterfly Effect. The Butterfly Effect is guarded with a yellow emancipator section and glass partitions, but they do not go all the way up the ceiling, nor is a pink emancipator before it -- so you can dispense the blocks over these partitions, then re-collect them on the other side. Stand over the red room after the mechanical elevator is influenced by the large box structure in the puzzle, then shoot below your feet to elevate into it. Re-collect the blocks again, and proceed to the locked door, using the blocks to access the next room. Enter the foyer, and collect the single green block to open the door, then proceed to the yellow gun. The yellow gun adds block moving functions, and can be used to create elevators on-demand.

    Red gun

    Starting at Leap Of Faith, go straight over the invisible floor, continue straight, then turn left at the first intersection -- watch out for the floor trap. Then, turn left again into what appears to be a dead end. There are a row of blue blocks on the other side. Collect one, and backtrack to where you began. Look down at the glass floor, and you will get the "UP" hint. Go up by placing the block down, then commanding it to ascend to the ceiling. At The Highest Point, solve the puzzle. This will require some time, as not only do you need to make the blocks connect together in a square twice, you also need to separate the blocks at the lasers by collecting them and temporarily removing them from the body, then move the adjacent blocks before the collected block respawns. Once the puzzle is solved, collect your reward, which leads into I Can Do Anything. The red gun adds the ability to paint blocks en masse, allowing you to cover wall, floor, and ceiling with the blocks. It also multiplies collected blocks; thus, as as long you have two blocks, you will have an unlimited supply.

Keeping the black gun

In The End when you collect the black hypercube, your gun will turn black. If you press [Esc] just after collecting this entity, you will keep the black gun.

Elevating without yellow gun

While repetitive, it is possible to use a single block against a wall to reach higher areas by taking it from beneath your feet, jumping as it disappears, and placing it below you mid-air. If done correctly, you will slowly scale any wall. This becomes useless once you get the yellow gun, but it is a very good way to explore normally unreachable areas early in the game.


There are two types of block emancipators. Yellow emancipators allow blocks through, but not when you are carrying them. Purple/Pink emancipators stop blocks from going through them, but you keep your blocks. Together, they can create an impenetrable barrier against the use of any blocks, usually in preparation for another puzzle.

Easily completing A Game Of Leap Frog

A Game Of Leap Frog normally requires the manipulation of two blocks. Instead, starting from Leap Of Faith, go straight, then go left a couple of times to reach the wall. Jump and collect the pieces on the other side, then return to where you began to stare at the eye and disintegrate the wall. From either side, put the blocks, one after the other, until the last block reaches the center of the room. Then, grab any two blocks (the blue gun does not destroy any blocks) except the one in the middle of the lasers. Place them at the laser switches to the door, which will lead you to the green gun.

Reaching The End

Go into A Jump Too Far, go forward, and turn left to the eye. Stare at the wall, then proceed through Running Into Trouble by walking on the bridge. As the entity in the middle of this room gets excited with movement, it will disintegrate the bridge. Then in The Ground Floor, collect the two blue blocks. Backtrack to the beginning (at the door labeled "The End"), then utilize the red gun's block-multiplying and mass-painting abilities to paint from the floor up a wall to meet with the other red blocks. You will then be taken into the finale, which mostly involves transferring blocks in various areas.

Passing the stairway in The End

Descend into the middle story, then make your way through the stairs in the middle. They appear to lead nowhere, but there is an invisible floor. Jump to hide the invisible wall in the middle of the invisible floor blocking your way. Proceed up the second set of stairs leading to the exit. It appears blocked, but there is another invisible floor you can run on without the entity in the middle of the room disintegrating the stairs. Use this to disintegrate the wall blocking your path to proceed through the rest of the area, which utilizes all the skills you will have learned earlier in the game.

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