Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    A New Challenger Appears: Chulainn: Unlock Chulainn.
    A New Challenger Appears: Ghat: Unlock Ghat.
    A New Challenger Appears: Gilgamesh: Unlock Gilgamesh.
    A New Challenger Appears: Hanuman: Unlock Hanuman.
    A New Challenger Appears: Midas: Unlock Midas.
    A Taste of His Own Medicine: Defeat The Maw without attacking or casting spells.
    All Part of the Plan..: Defeat a boss with a quarter heart remaining.
    Ascendant: Beat the game.
    Bled Dry: Buy all of the items in a blood shop.
    Blessed: Discover every blessing definition.
    Blood Red Summer: Beat Summer.
    Boom!: Kill The Automaton with his own powder kegs.
    BRB, Overthrowing a Deity: Beat the game in under 60 minutes.
    Cheapskate: Beat the game without spending any influence.
    Count Your Blessings: Unlock every blessing.
    Cover to Cover: Discover everything in the journal.
    Event Planner: Visit every special event room.
    Fall Has Fallen: Beat Fall.
    Gallon Donor: Spend 16 hearts total in blood shops.
    Grimoire: Discover every spell.
    Heavy Breathing: Discover every breath.
    Heavy Handed: Deal over 1000 damage in a single attack.
    HOW DO YOU LIKE IT?!?: Kill an alchemist with a pot.
    I Don't Need Your Charity!: Beat the game with the starting weapon and spell.
    Idol: Reach 999 Influence in a single playthrough.
    Like Father, Like Son: Kill both versions of Grunty and his son..
    Matricide: Kill a Mama Fly with its own egg.
    Our Pots Will Blot Out The Sun!: Launch 50 pots into enemies.
    Ozymandias: Beat the game with every character.
    RNGesus: Equip a unique weapon and a unique spell at the same time.
    Shopaholic: Spend 300 Influence in a single playthrough.
    Spiritual: Discover every spirit.
    Spring Has Sprung: Beat Spring.
    Stop It!: Parry a Stalker while it is dashing.
    Structural Flaw: Knock down Grunty's tower the easy way.
    The Circle of Life: Equip the Gran Bwa and Tlaloc blessings on your body at the same time.
    The First of Many: Die.
    The Golden Touch: Beat the game with Midas.
    The Hound of Ulster: Beat the game with Chulainn.
    The Life Ascetic: Beat the game without equipping a blessing.
    The Long Tail: Equip the Loki blessing on your body with any dash trail blessing.
    The One Who Saw the Abyss: Beat the game with Gilgamesh.
    The Peerless Mage: Beat the game with Ghat.
    The Prodigy: Beat the game with Hanuman.
    The Slayer of Beasts: Beat the game with Theseus.
    The Warrior-King: Beat the game with Memnon.
    There Can Be Only One!: Beat every demigod in martial combat.
    Threepeat: Equip the same blessing in the weapon, spell, and body slots.
    Vlad: Impale 30 enemies in a single playthrough.
    Walking Hurricane: Equip Raijin and Tiamat blessings on your body.
    Weapon Master: Discover every weapon.
    Where Am I?!?: Find a secret room.
    Winter Came: Beat Winter.
    You've Got Spirit, Yes You Do.: Equip 15 or more spirits in a single playthrough.
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