Aveyond: Lord Of Twilight


Goody Cave locations

There are a total of five Goody Caves hidden in walls at various locations throughout the game. There are no visual clues on the outside of the walls that hint that a cave is hidden inside. You must locate them by exploring and bumping Mel into all the walls. Each cave has items and/or upgrades for a specific element. There are blue chests in some caves that will be accessible in Gates Of Night. Some of the items in the caves cannot be found elsewhere. The five hidden Goody Caves can be found at the following locations:

    Level Goody Cave: In Shadow Woods North, left of some stairs near the middle of the woods. It can increase the level of characters to the maximum of 99.
    Weapons Goody Cave: In Thial Mountains South, slightly north of the entrance when entering from Shadow Woods South. It contains the best weapon for each character.
    Gold Goody Cave: In Brightwood Forest, slightly to the right of one of the small waterfalls. It contains 600,000 gold coins.
    Armor Goody Cave: In Thial Mountains North, slightly north of the entrance from Istir Forest. It contains the best armor for each character.
    Spell Goody Cave: In Stormbend, close to the ocean behind the chest. It allows Stella to learn all available spells.

Bomber egg

Go to Stormbend, and talk to the ship merchant (bald man). Buy a canoe for 200 GC. Walk to the river in Sinoa Plains to find it. Get in the canoe, and you will be taken to a small island. Collect the treasure, and get in the canoe again. You will then be taken directly to the Bomber egg.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Armor Looter Award: You found the secret Armor Goody cave!
    Bomber Bird Award: You hatched a bomber bird egg!
    Community Service Award: You helped an old man live another day!
    Delivery Boy Award: You delivered four bottles of wine for Chateau Lenore!
    Dog Rescuer Award: You returned Tad's lost dog!
    Easter Egg Award: You hatched an easter bunny!
    Evil Bastard Award: You stole a donation from five temples!
    Fairy Toad Award: You hatched a fairy toad egg!
    Gold Digger Award - OBSOLETE: You found all bags of gold in the game!
    Gold Looter Award: You found the secret Gold Goody cave!
    Golden Frog Award- OBSOLETE: You beat the game!
    Golden Goose Award: You hatched a golden goose egg!
    Good Samaritan Award: You gave a donation to five temples!
    Hero of the Day Award: You finished the game!
    Level Looter Award: You found the secret Level Goody cave!
    Lover Boy Award: Edward has given three gifts to a girl!
    Milk Pail Award: You found a milk pail for Willette!
    Mine Dweller Award: You brought Mork his missing pickaxe!
    Narcissist's Anonymous Award: Edward purchased three gifts for himself!
    Pony Express Award: You've activated six traveling portals!
    Scavenger Award: You found 100 treasures!
    Soul Saver Award: You saved Gladamere's soul!
    Spell Looter Award: You found the secret Spells Goody cave!
    Spider Award: You hatched a spider egg!
    Weapons Looter Award: You found the secret Weapons Goody cave!
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