A World Of Keflings

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Creating magic powder

Take magic gems to the Wizard's Lair to convert them into magic powder.

Collecting the silkworms

There are a total of three silkworms. The first can be found just to the right, near the start. The second can be found just after you cross the canyon by building the glass bridge. The third silkworm is an end reward for completing the genie's mission where you must collect 25 glass. Note: To unlock that genie mission, speak to the pirate who wants you to get a metal object from somewhere on the map and bring it back to him.


Successfully complete the Desert Realm, and progress in the Forest Realm until you can build the Glass Trader building (after Level 3). After it is built, insert any resource (stone, wood, cut stone, carved wood, etc.), and it will be converted into glass.

Forest Realm bears

You can find four bears on the far right side, where you must build three bridges to reach a patch of land. Once there, you can find four different bears that can be picked up and moved. You can then arrange the bears in a 2x2 square, with the bears in the following positions:

    Secret Bear: Top-left
    Covert Bear: Top-right
    Enigmatic Bear: Bottom-left
    Discreet Bear: Bottom-right

Once they are all in place, they will turn into a giant bear statue.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Pest Control (5 points): Scare away the dragon.
    Technicolor Sheep Coat (7 points): Paint all the sheep.
    Cutthroat Business (10 points): Build the Metal Trader.
    Jolly Giant (5 points): Laugh with 35 Keflings.
    Ultimate Collector (13 points): Unlock all the collectible pieces.
    Socialite (13 points): Talk to each quest giver.
    Pretty Bird (7 points): Build a Monstrous Perch for Mr. Feathers.
    Tailor Made (13 points): Build a piece from each custom workshop.
    Explorers League (15 points): Find all the items in the world.
    Where the Sun Don't Shine (10 points): Kick 150 Keflings.
    Orchestrating an Orchestra (15 points): Build 53 machines.
    Be It Not So Humble (15 points): Build the Castle.
    Diversity (10 points): Build a Tent and Igloo in the Forest Kingdom.
    A Little to the Left (10 points): Push 30 buildings.
    Story Time (13 points): Participate in 60 Kefling's stories.
    Thirst for More (15 points): Get all the speed and strength potions.
    Colors of the Rainbow (7 points): Paint 20 different buildings.
    Giant Boogie (7 points): Perform each of the dance emotes.
    Building Bridges (5 points): Place one of each bridge in each kingdom.
    Start with a Bang (5 points): Activate a building by bouncing a kefling through a cannon.
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