Bad Piggies

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Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Born to be Airborne (15 points): Complete episode 3 with 3 stars on all levels.
    Chips for Whips (10 points): Use a Super Mechanic.
    Complex Complex (10 points): Start a transport with 25 or more parts.
    Discoverer (10 points): Discover 20 explorer remains.
    Ground Breaker (10 points): Gain 3 stars from all blue levels in Episode 1.
    Ground Hog Day (5 points): Complete Episode 1.
    Ham Helsing (10 points): Complete Episode 5 with 3 stars on all levels.
    Hogffeur (10 points): Transport King Pig successfully 50 times.
    Indestructible (10 points): Use a Super Glue power-up.
    Junior Wrecker (10 points): Break off 1000 parts.
    Literate Individual (5 points): Checked the credits.
    Magnet Master (10 points): Use a Super Magnet to collect all cakes and a starbox in 1 run.
    Popper's Theory I (10 points): Pop 100 balloons.
    Pretty Fly (10 points): Gain 3 stars from all blue levels in episode 3.
    Skilled Pilot (15 points): Finish 50 levels without breaking anything.
    Super Charged (10 points): Use a Turbo Charge power-up.
    Sweet Nightmares (10 points): Complete Episode 5.
    Tourist I (10 points): Travel 1000 miles in a transport.
    Well Grounded (15 points): Complete Episode 1 with 3 stars on all levels.
    When Pigs Fly (5 points): Complete Episode 3.
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