Battle Chess: Game Of Kings


Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    A Kingly Corpse: Take out the King with a Rook.
    A Knight To Remember: Witness both Knight vs. Knight battles.
    Altar Boy!: Witness all 3 Pawn vs. Bishop battles.
    Artisan's Ascendancy: Complete 100 Games versus the computer.
    Battlefield Bully: Witness all 3 Rook vs. Pawn battles.
    Beast Beats Beauty: Witness both Rook vs. Queen battles.
    Big Brother: Witness all 3 Knight vs. Pawn battles.
    Black Flag: Win a timed game by Flagging your opponent.
    Black Widow: Take out the King with a Queen.
    Boy Beats Girl: Witness all 3 Pawn vs. Queen battles.
    Brains over Brawn: Witness both King vs. Knight battles.
    Brothers in Arms: Witness all 3 Pawn vs. Pawn battles.
    Brute Force: Witness both Rook vs. Knight battles.
    Cash It In!: Put the King in Check 20 times.
    Catch 22: End a game with a Stalemate.
    Clash of the Titans: Witness both Rook vs. Rook battles.
    Clergy Clash: Witness both Bishop vs. Bishop battles.
    Clergyman's Conquest: Complete 250 Games versus the computer.
    Crafty Cougar: Witness all 3 Queen vs. Pawn battles.
    David and Goliath: Witness all 3 Pawn vs. Rook battles.
    Deadlock: End a game with a Draw.
    Diocean Doormat: Witness both Rook vs. Bishop battles.
    Faint-of-Heart: Resign from 10 games.
    Farmer's Fruition: Complete 50 Games versus the computer.
    Father Knows Best: Witness both Bishop vs. Queen battles.
    Flower Power: Witness all 3 Queen vs. Bishop battles.
    Getting Tactical: Win 10 Online Games.
    Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!: Witness all 3 Queen vs. Queen battles.
    Grandmaster: Win 100 Online Games.
    Hell Hath No Fury...: Witness all 3 Queen vs. Knight battles.
    Hostile Haste: Complete a game using the Game Clock.
    It is useless to resist: Perform a Checkmate on any level.
    King of the Castle: Perform both a Queen-side and King-side castle.
    Knight: Complete all 3 "Hard" Skill Challenges.
    Knight In Shining Armor: Witness both Knight vs. Queen battles.
    Long Live The Knight: Take out the King with a Knight.
    Master of Disguises: Promote the Pawn to all four legal pieces.
    Masterful Monarch: Complete 300 Games versus the computer.
    Mind over Fatter: Witness all 3 Queen vs. Rook battles.
    No Respect!: Take out the King with a Pawn.
    Nobleman's Soveregnty: Complete 150 Games versus the computer.
    Old School: Finish a game using traditional chess pieces.
    Page: Complete all 3 "Easy" Skill Challenges.
    Papal Carnage: Witness both King vs. Bishop battles.
    Peasant's Prize: Complete 10 Games versus the computer.
    Respect Your Elders: Witness both King vs. Pawn battles.
    Respectable: Win 50 Online Games.
    Royal Rebuke: Take out the King with a Bishop.
    Shapeshifter: Complete a Pawn Promotion.
    Silent Knight: Witness both Bishop vs. Knight battles.
    Squire: Complete all 3 "Medium" Skill Challenges.
    Sunday School!: Witness all 3 Bishop vs. Pawn battles.
    Tame the Beast: Witness both King vs. Rook battles.
    The Art of War: Win 1 Online Game.
    The Artisan: Defeat the computer on Artisan difficulty.
    The Clergyman: Defeat the computer on Clergyman difficulty.
    The Farmer: Defeat the computer on Farmer difficulty.
    The Mighty Squire: Witness all 3 Pawn vs. Knight battles.
    The Monarch: Defeat the computer on Monarch difficulty.
    The Nobleman: Defeat the computer on Nobleman difficulty.
    The Peasant: Defeat the computer on Peasant difficulty.
    Too Good to Stop Now: Allow a timed game to finish even though you have the ability to Flag your opponent.
    Trimming The Fat: Witness both Knight vs. Rook battles.
    Who's Your Daddy?!: Witness both King vs. Queen battles.
    Worship My Blade: Witness both Knight vs. Bishop battles.
    Ye of Little Faith: Witness both Bishop vs. Rook battles.
    You Shall Not Pass!: Complete a Pawn En Passant.
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