Blasted Fortress


Easy "I Fight For Perfection" achievement

Immediately after a Beast uses its first ability, wait approximately three seconds, then begin pulling the cannon's power to its maximum. Move the crosshairs over the Beast. With proper timing, you will briefly see what ability a creature will use, giving you two choices. If a Beast starts raking the ground, release the ball at it. For anything else, move the crosshairs above the Beast, and do not hit it. Wait another three seconds, and repeat the process until the Beast is dead to get the "I Fight For Perfection" achievement.

Easy "Not Sure If Bravery Or Insanity" achievement

After earning all other achievements and you have at least 100,000 gold stored in the vault, select "Delete profile" from the starting menu to get the "Not Sure If Bravery Or Insanity" achievement. Note: Use the level editor to get gold quickly.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Acidic Behavior: Fire 500 Acid Shot overall.
    Bombaholic: Fire 1,000 Bomb Shot overall.
    Cannonballer: Fire 1,000 Cannonballs overall.
    Destroy All Monsters: Defeat Genix, Lumamon, Nemmel, and Szalec.
    Fire Belcher: Fire 1,000 Magma Shot overall.
    Happy Little Explosions: Cause 75 Barrels to blow up.
    I Fight For Perfection: Defeat any Beast without it ever blocking.
    I Said Lights OUT!: Knock sense into 50 Heal Blocks.
    Instant Access: Blow up 100 Detonation Blocks by hitting their respective plungers.
    Not Sure If Bravery Or Insanity: Reset your save game with 100,000 Gold in the Vault.
    Rockbreaker: Destroy 1,000 Stone blocks.
    Scorch: Destroy 10,000 Wood blocks.
    Shatter: Destroy 10,000 Stone blocks.
    Shrapnel Slinger: Fire Cluster Shot 1,000 times.
    Sick Burn: Set 20 blocks on fire while they're suffering the effects of acid.
    Super Attractive: Fire 500 Magnet Shot overall.
    Tribal Taskmaster: Complete a total of 50 jobs from the Job Board.
    Voodoo Mysticism: Cast 100 voodoo spells in combat.
    Well, That Was Close: Complete a siege with less than 5 seconds on the clock.
    Woodcutter: Destroy 1,000 Wood blocks.
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