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Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Arcade Clear: Easy: Clear Arcade Mode on Easy (or higher).
    Arcade Clear: Hard: Clear Arcade Mode on Hard (or higher).
    Arcade Clear: Normal: Clear Arcade Mode on Normal (or higher).
    Arcade Clear: V. Hard: Clear Arcade Mode on V. Hard.
    Challenge Mode Champion: Win a Challenge Mode fight against three opponents.
    Excessively Stylish: Reflect a bullet that was reflected by the Rival.
    Intrepid Explorer: Investigate the pit in Guppy's Manor.
    Quiet Contemplation: Recite some poetry atop the Hall of Heroes.
    S-Rank: Battalion: Defeat Battalion with an S-Rank.
    S-Rank: Bubble Core: Defeat the Bubble Core with an S-Rank.
    S-Rank: Bunny Rockette: Defeat Bunny Rockette with an S-Rank.
    S-Rank: Chopper Core: Defeat the Chopper Core with an S-Rank.
    S-Rank: Dragon Heart: Defeat the Dragon Heart with an S-Rank.
    S-Rank: Gibby & Stu: Defeat Gibby & Stu with an S-Rank.
    S-Rank: Guppy: Defeat Guppy with an S-Rank.
    S-Rank: Laser Bots: Defeat the Laser Bots with an S-Rank.
    S-Rank: Mantis Core: Defeat the Mantis Core with an S-Rank.
    S-Rank: Mirror Core: Defeat the Mirror Core with an S-Rank.
    S-Rank: Rival: Defeat the Rival with an S-Rank.
    S-Rank: Spider Core: Defeat the Spider Core with an S-Rank.
    S-Rank: White Mk II: Defeat White Mk II with an S-Rank.
    Secret Mission 01: Gate Crasher: Secret Mission 01: Gate Crasher
    Secret Mission 02: Anti-Omelette: Secret Mission 02: Anti-Omelette
    Secret Mission 03: Lil' Mama: Secret Mission 03: Lil' Mama
    Secret Mission 04: Speed Demon: Secret Mission 04: Speed Demon
    Secret Mission 05: Preferred Polarity: Secret Mission 05: Preferred Polarity
    Secret Mission 06: Clean Shoes: Secret Mission 06: Clean Shoes
    Secret Mission 07: Perfect Pacifist: Secret Mission 07: Perfect Pacifist
    Story Clear: Easy: Clear Story Mode on Easy (or higher).
    Story Clear: Hard: Clear Story Mode on Hard (or higher).
    Story Clear: Normal: Clear Story Mode on Normal (or higher).
    Story Clear: V. Hard: Clear Story Mode on V. Hard.
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