Blob From Space


Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    10,000 points!: Collect over 10,000 points in Diamond Rush.
    100!: Collect 100 diamonds!
    1000 Diamonds collected!: Good job!
    C:\LGR: Hopefully Lazy Game Reviews will review this game one day.
    Congratz!: You passed the tutorial, now let the game begin.
    Don't stop believing.: DON'T STOP...
    Dynamic duo: When 2 blobs meet.
    Floor is lava: Challenge accepted!
    Game Over: No continues left, please try again.
    Golden coin: You found the golden coin.
    Happy Halloween 2014!: Finish the 2 Halloween levels with a good score!
    Hat collector: Pick up your first non-tutorial hat.
    It's not over!: Feel the wrath of the robot.
    JosPlays: Jos approves. Do you?
    Joyrider Of Your Consumer Electronics: Steal the UFO and go for a flight.
    Let's go home: It's time to go home.
    Master of transformations!: You have transformed 1000 times!
    Maybe i'm Billy Joel: Sing us a song, you're the piano man.
    My name is...: Maris!?
    Nobody cared until I put on the mask: Nobody knows who I am.
    Nothing can stop Blob now: Challenge accomplished!
    Old wise man: You transformed into the old wise man.
    Prison break: Escape the lab prison.
    RAGE QUIT!: I didn't know you could die during the tutorial.
    Retro Blob: You completed Retro Blob #1.
    Retro Blob 2.0: You completed Retro Blob #2.
    Shouldn't you be asleep by now?: We're not responsible for any nightmares.
    The story has been told: Listen to the robot.
    The very bad ending: Life doesn't always have a happy ending.
    Transform 10 times!: You're starting to learn the features of the game.
    Transform 100 times!: You have transformed 100 times!
    Transform 150 times!: You have transformed 150 times!
    Transform 25 times!: You have transformed 25 times!
    Transform 300 times!: You have transformed 300 times!
    Transform 400 times!: You have transformed 400 times!
    Transform 50 times!: You have transformed 50 times!
    Transform 500 times!: You have transformed 500 times!
    Transform 75 times!: You have transformed 75 times!
    Very nice!: Very nice haircut!
    You cracked the code: 0100001101101111011011100110011101110010011000010111010001111010.
    You shouldn't be here!: Please leave now.
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