Get weapons

Note: This cheat requires that you are the administrator in the game. Press [F11], then [F4]. At the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, click on the second list from the top, then "Weapons". The object or objects will spawn in the middle of the screen; point it at the ground next to you.

Create a bot

First, press [F8]. Press W to move slightly forward. Then, enter the console, and type:

    new AIPlayer(bot) { datablock="LightMaleHumanArmor";; };

To resume the game, press [F7] or type "aiplayer::spawnplayer();".

To spawn another bot, press [F8] from a different place than where you spawned the first bot. Then, enter the console, and type:

    new AIPlayer(bot2) { datablock="LightMaleHumanArmor";; };

Then, press [F7] to resume the game.

Invisible bot

Enter the console, and type "bot.setCloaked(1);".

Make bot visible again

Enter the console, and type "bot.setCloaked(0);".

Give bot weapon

Enter the console, and type "bot.mountImage(shotgunImage,0);". You can enter "(swordimage,0);" or other weapon images. Some weapons will run out of ammunition. When this happens, type "bot.incInventory([weapon name]Ammo,5);".

Bots fight each other

To make two bots fight each other, enter the console, and type:


Make bot fight a player

Enter the console, and type:

    bot.setAimObject([player's null number]);

Make bots follow player

Enter the console, and type:

    following(%obj,%this); = (following([bot null number],[player null number]))

Give bot a name and a health bar

Enter the console, and type:

    [bot null number].setshapename([name]);

Note: The health bar does not go down and the bot will not die.

Make bot aim higher

Enter the console, and type:

    bot.setAimLocation(VectorAdd(bot2.getPosition(),"0 0 1"));

Make bot walk around randomly

Enter the console, and type "commandtoserver('addrandombot');". Note: It will be named "bot bot bot".

Kill bots

Enter the console, and type:


Build a wall

Enter the console, and type "buildwall[number];".

Move faster

Use the following trick carefully, as you can die using it. Hold [Forward] + [Jet] + [Jump] + [Crouch] to do a jet thrust slide. Note: Make sure you have no damage on or are at steep hills.

Drop at camera postion

Press [F8], then press W, A, S, or D to move. Press [F7] to be dropped at the camera position.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Blockhead No More: Change from the default name.
    Educated: Complete the tutorial.
    Full House: 32 Player server.
    Gay Pirate: Randomize your avatar.
    Hacker: Super elite.
    High Score!: A point.
    It works!: Successfully host a server.
    Self Help: F1.
    Speedier Kart: Legit win.
    Speedy Kart: You probably cheated.
    SUPER High Score!: 1,000,000 points.
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