The Book Of Legends


Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Abomination Hunter: Hold 6 or more Carbocoates.
    Ain't REALLY Taking Trick From You: Kill the Demon of Tricks for real.
    Ain't Taking Plot Twist Either: Kill Cassandra.
    Ain't Taking Trick From You: Kill the Demon of Tricks.
    Ancient Hero: Reach the highest level in the Tower of Ancients.
    Arachnophobia: Kill the spider in Tower of Ascension.
    Basket Player: Find Teksab.
    Bear Hug: Kill 100 or more enemies with bears.
    Brothers in Arms: Go through 2000 or more fights.
    Colyseum Champion: Succeed in the Colyseum 10 or more times.
    Everybody Has to Start Somewhere: Complete a quest.
    Gigaconda Hunter: Hold 12 or more Gigaconda skins at the same time.
    Great Idea: Find Flash Ring in opened chest.
    Hero from the North: Kill Jar-Gayr.
    Indy Jones Syndrome: Find the Heart of Fire in the Temple of the Great Sleeper.
    Jordan Killing Machine: Make Jordan kill 1000 or more enemies.
    Kind Heart: Keep Jasmine alive.
    Legendary Hero: Complete RPG Mode.
    Legendary Samaritan: Complete all quests.
    Life Achievement (Jasmine): Marry Jasmine.
    Life Achievement (Melusine): Marry Melusine.
    Locksmith: Open 60 Chests.
    Master of Time: Finish the game in less than 20 hours.
    Masters of the World: Obtain 999,999 gold.
    Meowwww!: Kill all the Balaz cats in the Majestic Hotel before killing both demons.
    Never at a Disadvantage: Use Jordan's Balance of Power 30 or more times.
    No Ego: Kill the Demon of Ego.
    No Fear: Kill the Demon of Fear.
    No Pride Nor Luxury: Kill the Demons of Pride 'n' Luxury.
    No War: Unknown.
    Patient Traveler: Never use go through until the game is completed.
    Poultry Lover: Kill the Demon of War.
    Progressive Gamer: Complete 6 or more quests.
    Richer Than A Queen: Obtain 100,000 gold or more.
    TBOL Addict: Play for 50 hours or more.
    The Dragon: Recruit Luis.
    The First Step: Play for an hour or more.
    The Renegade: Recruit Nagam.
    Tiger Rampage: Kill 200 or more enemies with tigers.
    Time Waster: Check 10 or more opened chests.
    Tough Luck, Melusine: Pick Jasmine over Melusine.
    Trickster: Ambush 10 or more enemy parties.
    Visionary Hero: Use Jordan's vision 20 times or more.
    Yu and I: Find Yu.
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