Boot Hill Heroes


Easy "Ambitious Rider" achievement

Begin riding your horse while chasing after Monty down the river to get the "Ambitious Rider" achievement.

Easy "Comforting Conversation" achievement

Find Higgins near the railway to the east in the starting town. Repeatedly talk to him until he begins repeating himself to get the "Comforting Conversation" achievement.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    A Ness-essary Purchase: Buy a baseball bat from Humble Brian.
    Almost Forgot!: Give mom some money to save the farm.
    Ambitious Rider: Attempt to ride your horse on the Snake Tail River.
    Angry Mob: Equip a four-character party with pitchforks.
    Avid Collector: Have 40 different kinds of materials in your inventory.
    Best Medicine: Complete Mad Man Mitch's quest.
    Bronco Shuffle: Use "Trip" a dozen times.
    Burn Out: Allow an enemy to be defeated from an "on fire" ailment.
    Comforting Conversation: Speak to Higgins Comfort multiple times.
    Depth Perception: Defeat Scorpion Saint in the past.
    Desert Skags' Reward: Get new hats from the Desert Skags.
    Easter Bunny: Hold 50 eggs.
    Farming Master: Pluck materials from 50 animals.
    Fire Dance: Defeat Burning Crow in the past.
    First Headware: Put on your hat, say goodbye, and venture out into the world.
    Four Heroes Playing: Have four players play Boot Hill Heroes.
    Getting Away Again?!: Watch Monty escape once more....
    Good Tactics (Or High Level): Defeat an enemy without getting hit.
    Great Performance!: Complete Moon's performance in the circus show.
    Grin and Bear It: Defeat the Blue Dwarf Bear.
    Hatrocity Averted: Save Kickstart Creek.
    Have Gun Will Travel: Meet the bounty hunter called Doc.
    Impawssible Victory: Defeat Razor Paw.
    Is There a Doctor in the House?: Get a four character party entirely full of wounds.
    Ivan to Believe!: Defeat Ivan the Strongman.
    Let Nothing Go to Waste: Earn seven dropped materials from a battle.
    Lion Down on the Job: Defeat an escaped Lion.
    Locke'd and Loaded: Defeat Dean Locke in the past.
    Missed a Turn at Albuquerque?: Get hopelessly lost in Fool's Feast.
    More Than a Little Problem: Defeat Creed Little in the past.
    Now That's a KNOIFE!: Imbue your hunting knife for Dreaming Lark.
    Once More for Old Time's Sake: Defeat Monty Spades in the past.
    Perked up: Have a four character party completely full of perks.
    Popular: Get "Licked" a dozen times.
    Pumped Up: Max out a "Pump" attack.
    Rodeo Gal: Meet firecracker rodeo gal, Rosy Garrett.
    Role Model: Defeat all the bullies in Mrs. Mowry's classroom.
    See You Next Fall!: Fall out of the cinnabar mines.
    Shape of Darkness: Defeat Coyote Saint in the past.
    Something Greater...: Listen to Doc in the Whisker Woods.
    Sound of Thunder: Defeat Stampede Sally in the past.
    Spiritual Connection: Encounter the Chepakwik Princess, Moon Dancer.
    Super Star: Get a 4x Star Shot on an enemy.
    Supreme Strategist: Throw a log at an enemy.
    The Search Begins...: Set out to track down the Saints-Little Gang.
    The Truth Revealed: Learn the terrible secret behind the attack on Ashwood.
    To Be Continued...: Complete the first act of this saga.
    Tuco Where No Man Has Gone Before: Defeat Tuco Delgado in the past.
    Two Best Friends Play: Have two players play Boot Hill Heroes.
    Varmint King: Defeat the Weezler and rid the barn of varmints.
    Waking Up: Open your eyes and begin your adventure!.
    You Otter Know: Learn all you can from the mysterious "Ottor".
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