Cabela's Deer Hunt 2005 Season

Corey Feldman Interview

.44 magnum

Successfully complete 1 region to unlock the .44 magnum.

Compound bow

Successfully complete 2 regions to unlock the Compound bow.

.25-06 Bolt-action

Successfully complete 3 regions to unlock the .25-06 Bolt-action.

Static scope and 7mm Magnum bolt

Successfully complete 4 regions to unlock the Static scope and 7mm Magnum bolt.

13 gauge semi-automatic

Successfully complete 5 regions to unlock the 13 gauge semi-automatic.

Field scope and .308 bolt action

Successfully complete 6 regions to unlock the Field scope and .308 bolt action.

7mm Short Mag bolt

Successfully complete 7 regions to unlock the 7mm Short Mag bolt.

Hawke Eye scope and .300 magnum bolt

Successfully complete 8 regions to unlock the Hawke Eye scope and .300 magnum bolt.

X-Ray vision

Successfully complete the game to unlock the X-Ray vision.


Successfully complete the game on the easy difficulty setting to unlock Johanna.

Finding transportation

When starting a new level in Career Hunt, look around your cabin before leaving. You should find some form of transportation.

Finding deer in Wyoming

In Wyoming, go to the second location and go across the bridge. Once there, you can climb on top of the mountains and can see all the deer from that spot. You can shoot them with a 30-30 or 30-06. This also works in other places. Note: Do not go down the mountain when the deer is dead or you will die from the fall.

Long distance shots

When trying to shoot deer at long range, it is best to try and find a long range rifle such as the 300 BA and pre-test shooting something (like a tree) to see how much you have to compensate for wind and drop.

Easy accuracy

Get the 30-06 that comes with the scope. Go to the outdoor range and shoot. Press [Up] until it reads ".20". Put the dot on the red dot on the board (the middle one). Shoot, and you should hit the red dot on the board.

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