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Easy "Attraction" achievement

Equip Attract to your rod in all slots to get the "Attraction" achievement.

Easy "Avoidance" achievement

Equip Repel to your rod in three slots to get the "Avoidance" achievement.

Easy "Brute Force" achievement

Equip Improved Crank to your rod in five slots to get the "Brute Force" achievement.

Easy "Fine Tuning" achievement

Have a Decrease Sink Speed and Increase Sink Speed upgrade simultaneously on the same rod to get the "Fine Tuning" achievement.

Easy "Impatience" achievement

Equip Diving Lure to five empty slots on a rod to get the "Impatience" achievement.

Easy "Patience" achievement

Equip two Suspending Lures on the basic rod to get the "Patience" achievement.

Easy "Perpetual Motion" achievement

Get your live bait eaten by the shark and pulled down deep three times in the same cast to get the "Perpetual Motion" achievement.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Attraction: He'll see you coming from a mile away!
    Avoidance: Well, you won't be catching him anymore.
    Boat Master: Unlock the Great Boat.
    Boom!: Scare away 15 or more fish with a single bomb.
    Brute Force: Planning ahead is for chumps.
    Casual Quester: Complete 10 quests.
    Come Here!: Upgrade your rod with Attract.
    Core Quester: Complete 25 quests.
    Doing Good: Unlock the Good Rod.
    Doing Great: Unlock the Great Rod.
    Eyes Down Deep: Unlock the Radar.
    Fast Forward: Upgrade your rod with a Sinking Lure.
    Fine Tuning: Because being complicated is cool.
    Go Away!: Upgrade your rod with Repel.
    Hardcore Quester: Complete 50 quests.
    High Seas: Unlock the Good Boat.
    Hurry up!: Upgrade your rod with an Improved Crank.
    Impatience: It's not a virtue.
    Master Quester: Complete 100 quests.
    Offshoring: Unlock the Basic Boat.
    Paranoia: Upgrade your rod with Bait Guard.
    Patience: It's a virtue.
    Peripheral Vision: Unlock the Minimap.
    Perpetual Motion: Casting? Never heard of it.
    Powerful: Unlock the Power Rod.
    Quickening: Unlock the Quick Rod.
    Rod Master: Unlock the Master Rod.
    Scouter: Upgrade your rod with Scouting.
    Slow Motion: Upgrade your rod with a Suspending Lure.
    Stealth Mode: Upgrade your rod with Crankbait.
    Such Swag: Find a hat.
    Super Swag: Find a legendary hat.
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