CDF Ghostship


Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    100 Kills (Onslaught Mode): Get 100 Kills in Onslaught Mode.
    15 Kills (Onslaught Mode): Get 15 Kills in Onslaught Mode.
    200 Kills (Onslaught Mode): Get 200 Kills in Onslaught Mode.
    3 rounds of hell!: Complete all 3 rounds in Onslaught Mode.
    50 Kills (Onslaught Mode): Get 50 Kills in Onslaught Mode.
    Colony master by Day!: Survive the Colony (day) in onslaught mode.
    Colony Master by night!: Survive the Colony (night) in onslaught mode.
    Finders, keepers: Find The Supply Cache in the Main Access Corridor.
    Get another round in! Quick!: Complete the Last Orders Challenge.
    It was just at the end of the hall!: Complete the End Of The Hall Challenge.
    Its a hunger game!: Complete the Scavanger Challenge.
    Just 1 round!: Complete 1 round in Onslaught Mode.
    Just 2 rounds!: Complete 2 rounds in Onslaught Mode.
    Just like any other!: Complete the Morning Of The Dead Challenge.
    Keep it cool!: Complete The Random Event - Fire on Deck 7.
    Lock n Load: Find the SMG at the start of Story Mode (Zak Thomas).
    Master of Hangar 2: Survive Hangar 2 in onslaught mode.
    Master of medical: Survive Medical in onslaught mode.
    Master of mess!: Survive the Mess hall in onslaught mode.
    Master of recreation!: Survive the Rec Dome in onslaught mode.
    Master of the Icarus station Docking Bay: Survive the Icarus 3 orbital docking bay in onslaught mode.
    Master of the Sub Access Corridor: Survive the Sub Access Corridor in onslaught mode.
    Welcome To The Ghostship: Get to the bridge in story mode (Zak Thomas).
    Zombie Popper: Survive the Zombie Horde in the Last oders Challenge for 5 minutes!
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