Championship Manager Season 00/01

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


Infinite money

Enter "JIMMY RULES" as a name.

Champion team

Choose a team to manage but do not select "Take Control". Instead, select "Tactics". The game will respond that no tactics are available. Type "champions", then select "Take Control". Your team will now have better performance.

Start as England manager

At the start of a new game, click on any English club. Then, click on any English player. Click on the players nationality (English). The England team will appear. Select "Take Control". You will then be the manager of England.

Easy victory

Simply take over the opposition's team. Play all the players on the wing, which results in your team getting a big win. You can also select "Add Manager" and click on the team you will play next. Select "Tactics" and set all the players on the side with no one in goal. Also place the worse captain in charge of that team.

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