The Chaos Engine


Note: This is the 2013 game by Mastertronic, not to be confused with the 1992 game The Chaos Engine by Virgin Interactive.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Back to the ice age: Use the Freeze Monster Special from your inventory 50 times.
    Be Gone!: Use the Shotburst Special from your inventory 50 times.
    BLAST!: Use the Dynamite Special from your inventory 50 times.
    Bonfire: Use the Molotov Special from your inventory 50 times.
    BOOM!: Use the Bomb Special from your inventory 50 times.
    Bounty Hunter: Collect 10000 money in a single play through.
    Bullet Dodger: Kill 20 enemies in a single run without losing any health.
    Chaos: Destroy the Chaos Engine.
    Cleared Fortesque Mansion: Clear world 3, The Fortesque Mansion.
    Cleared The Forest: Clear world 1, The Forest..
    Cleared The Workshops: Clear world 2, The Workshops.
    Death from below: Use the Ground Mine Special from your inventory 50 times.
    Doc: Use a first-aid kit 50 times.
    Double Chaos: Destroy the Chaos Engine with 2 players alive.
    First One is the Hardest: Kill your first enemy.
    Hard Nailed: Complete the campaign in a single run.
    Here boy!: Use the Distract Monster Special from your inventory 50 times.
    Huntsman: Kill 500 enemies in a single play through.
    Learning Curve: Die 100 times.
    Locksmith: Find 28 gold keys in a single run.
    Maxed-out: Fully upgrade the Mercenary character.
    No “I” in Team: Resurrect 10x dead characters in co-op games.
    Perfect Day: 24 hours played in total.
    Pwned!: Reach Game Over with less than 1000 score.
    Ransacked: Fully upgrade the Thug character.
    Refined: Fully upgrade the Gentleman character.
    Root of all Evil: Collect 50000 money.
    Selfish: Fully upgrade the Brigand character.
    Six Shooter: Complete single-player campaign playing as all six characters.
    Specialist: Use 50 Specials from your inventory.
    Super Frog Killer: Kill 500 Frogs.
    Supremacy: Fully upgrade a single statistic for any character.
    Transcendence: Fully upgrade the Scientist character.
    Ultimate Weapon: Fully upgrade the Navvie character.
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