Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Annkor: All Qdots in Flare.
    Beatall's Gasmask: All Qdots in Floating Point.
    Beatall's Yearbook Pic: All Qdots in Fusion.
    Blue Clone Taunt: Solve 4 puzzles.
    Clone Logo Art: All Qdots in any 100 puzzles.
    Clonebones Flag: Solve 100 puzzles.
    CloneMaster: Obtain all 10 medallion fragments.
    CloneMaster II: Beat all CloneMaster battles on 'Medium'.
    CloneMaster III: Beat all CloneMaster battles on 'Hard'.
    CloneMaster Patch: All Qdots in any 150 puzzles.
    Confused Clone: All Qdots in any 20 puzzles.
    Crown: Solve 150 puzzles.
    Dragsicle: All Qdots in Dragsicle Tower.
    Dragsicle Ice Cube: All Qdots in Frostea.
    DrillDude Bonus Level 1: 2 clonemaster medallion fragments.
    DrillDude Bonus Level 2: All Qdots in Geode Hill.
    DrillDude's Helmet: All Qdots in The Incredible Gulp.
    DrillDude's Helmet: All Qdots in Done Drillin'.
    Far Out: Beat wattson's clonemaster battle.
    Give It A Chance: All Qdots in Clone Together.
    Gofo Bonus Level 1: All Qdots in any 35 puzzles.
    Gofo Bonus Level 2: All Qdots in any 40 puzzles.
    Gofo Bonus Level 3: 3 clonemaster medallion fragments.
    Gofo's Parka: All Qdots in Frozen Clone Zone.
    Gofo's Snowman: All Qdots in One Crazy Gofo.
    Gofo's Touque: All Qdots in Ice Hotel Battle.
    Green Clone Taunt: Solve 7 puzzles.
    Grey Clone Taunt: Completed 10 levels.
    Heart: All Qdots in any 15 puzzles.
    Hubble Buoy's Boots: All Qdots in Starlight.
    ICO President: 5 clonemaster medallion fragments.
    Level Designer: Create one new level.
    Lolz Clone: All Qdots in any 10 puzzles.
    Max Multi: Participate in a 8-group multiplayer match..
    Multidominate: Win a multiplayer match with 3 or more groups.
    Octopal's Bowtie: All Qdots in Lies beneath the ocean waves.
    Octopal's Bowtie: All Qdots in Octopal Battle.
    Orange Clone Taunt: Solve 15 puzzles.
    Perfect Match: Win a multiplayer match without losing any clones..
    Pout Clone: All Qdots in any 5 puzzles.
    Purple Clone Taunt: Solve 20 puzzles.
    Pwnage Clone: All Qdots in any 30 puzzles.
    Red Clone Taunt: Solve 25 puzzles.
    Roast Ed' Sunglasses: All Qdots in Quicksand.
    Roast Ed's Party Hair: All Qdots in Twilight.
    Roast Ed's Shades: All Qdots in Sand Castles.
    RoboBrain Bonus Level: 4 clonemaster medallion fragments.
    RoboBrain's Stache-mask: All Qdots in Robo Battle.
    Robostache: All Qdots in Nova Style.
    Snoog Bonus Level: All Qdots in The Hollow.
    Snoog's Antler Bowtie: All Qdots in Share the Land.
    Snoog's Old claws: All Qdots in Conflagration.
    Snoog's Shell: All Qdots in Rattlin' Roots.
    Speedrun: Obtain beatall's fragment in under 90 mins.
    Stop: All Qdots in any 50 puzzles.
    Surprised Clone: All Qdots in any 3 puzzles.
    Trillip Bonus Level 1: All Qdots in any 55 puzzles.
    Trillip Bonus Level 2: All Qdots in Lure.
    Trillip's Mask: All Qdots in Project Orion.
    Trillip's Personas: All Qdots in Trillip Battle.
    Wattson's Guitar: All Qdots in Wattson.
    Wattson's Shirt: All Qdots in Wattson.
    White Clone Taunt: Solve 30 puzzles.
    Yellow Clone Taunt: Solve 35 puzzles.
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