Cloud Chamber


Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    100 Billion Stars: Open the node 100 Bilion Stars in Chapter 2.
    A New Plan: Open the node A New Plan in Chapter 4.
    Auditive Algebra: Open the node Auditive Algebra in Chapter 6.
    Bernstein: Earn 10 "Best comment" badges.
    Booster: Like a post or comment.
    Brilliant Minds: Open the node Brilliant Minds in Chapter 5.
    Capable Commentator: Earn a "Best comment" badge.
    Did You Kill Your Wife?: Open the node Did You Kill Your Wife? in Chapter 3.
    Expert Upvoter: Like 50 posts or comments.
    Ghost Circle: Open the node Ghost Circle in Chapter 9.
    How The Mighty: Open the node How The Mighty in Chapter 10.
    In Friedrichshafen: Open the node In Friedrichshafen in Chapter 3.
    Ingrid Petersen: Open the node Ingrid Petersen in Chapter 2.
    It's A Big Universe: Open the node It's A Big Universe in Chapter 5.
    Message In A Bottle: Open the node Message In A Bottle Music in Chapter 7.
    On The Edge: Open the node On The Edge in Chapter 8.
    Perspective: Open the node Perspective in Chapter 8.
    Preparations: Open the node Preparations in Chapter 1.
    Revelation: Open the node Revelation in Chapter 10.
    Run!: Open the node Run! in Chapter 8.
    Shrewd Observer: Earn a "Best post" badge.
    Sound Of The Sun: Open the node Sound Of The Sun in Chapter 4.
    The Family Secret: Open the node The Family Secret in Chapter 6.
    Visionary Music: Open the node Visionary Music in Chapter 7.
    Woodward: Earn 10 "Best post" badges.
    You Are About To Enter: Open the node You Are About To Enter in Chapter 1.
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