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Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    5k: Kill 5000 Zombies in Zombies (Original, Mutant, Hero) Mode.
    Ace: Earn 2,500 kills in Family Battle.
    Activate: Survival: Survive Trap 100 times.
    AM: 50 Assists & Pass 100 times in Football Mode.
    Angel: Gift Cash Items to other players 30 times.
    Angra: Kill Angra 100 times.
    Attack: Defeat the Fallen Titan 100 times.
    Awake: Play for 24 hours in a row.
    Berserk: Achieve 1000 kills as the Beast.
    Boom: Plant C4 100 times + Defuse C4 100 times in Original Mode.
    Bot 1: Reach Elite difficulty in Bot mode (excluding Bot Zombie mode).
    Bot 2: Open Elite Difficulty in Bot Zombie Mode.
    Buster: Play for 350 hours in Zombie mode with other Family members.
    CB: Steal & Goal Defense the ball 200 times in Football Mode.
    City: Survival: Clear Lost City 100 times.
    Cleared: Clear all Daily Missions (20) 100 times.
    Comanche: Defeat Comanche 100 times.
    Command: Defeat Lost Guardian 100 times.
    CS Mania: Play for 2,000 hours or more.
    Decoy: Kill Revenant 100 times.
    Demo Man: 10,000 Kills using Bazooka in Bazooka Battle.
    Destroy: Win New Zombie Shelter: Team Match 100 times.
    DM: Steal & Pass 100 times the ball 100 times in Football Mode.
    Enhance: Achieved Weapon Enhancement 100 times.
    Erika: Defeat the Mad Mechanic 100 times.
    Escape: Escape 3,000 times in Zombie Escape Mode.
    Evolve: Evolve from Normal Zombie, into Host Zombie, and then Powerful Host Zombie, 10,000 times.
    Failure: Failed to enhance the weapon 3000 times.
    Gang: Accumulate 100 Continuous 5 Plays in Map Advancement.
    Gear: Defeat XT-300 100 times.
    Goalie: Goal Defense 50 times in Football Mode.
    Godlike: Earn 3 consecutive 1000 kills without dying in Original/Team Deathmatch.
    H Shots: Earn 1,000 Headshots.
    Hawkeye: Kill 3000 Hiddens in Hidden Mode.
    Infector: Infect humans in Zombie Escape mode 5,000 times or more.
    Into: Obstacle Destruction, Restraint Device Dismantling.
    Keeper: Survival: Clear Double Gate 100 times.
    Kite: Kill 300 Stingray Kites in maps where Stingray Kites appear.
    Last: Clear New Zombie Shelter: Co-op 100 times.
    Libero: Achieve the following: 5,000 Ball Tackles + 10 Defenses + 1,000 Passes + 100 Scored Goals.
    Machine: Kill 10,000 Zombies in a single round of Zombie Scenario.
    Meister: Successfully craft a weapon 300 times.
    Melee: 10,000 Melee Weapon Kills.
    Million: Kill a total of 1,000,000 Zombies in Zombie Scenario.
    MVP: Become MVP 2,500 times.
    Oberon: Kill Oberon 100 times.
    Osprey: Defeat Osprey 100 times.
    Perfect: Clear All Daily Missions.
    Phobos: Kill Phobos 100 times.
    Phoenix: Survival: Clear 100 times in Groundwater.
    Pilgrim: Clear Lost City, Double Gates, Trap, Last Clue, Chaos, and Dead End modes.
    Player: Achieve the following: 500 Scored Goals + 1,000 Supports + 5,000 Passes.
    Poison: Defeat Dione 100 times.
    Reliable: Accomplish 1,000 Assists in Basic Mode.
    Revenge: Exact revenge 1,000 times.
    Rusty: Defeat the Rusty Scorpion 100 times.
    Scenario: Play Scenario mode with Family member for 350 hours.
    Smasher: Kill 300 mosquitoes in a map where mosquitoes appear.
    Special: Complete 30 continuous special missions.
    Step 1: Reach Level 6.
    Striker: 100 Goals in Football Mode.
    Survive: Successfully survive (win as a human) Zombie (Original, Mutant, Hero) mode 5,000 times.
    Veteran: Participate in 100 Family Battles.
    Weapon: Rifle, Sub-Machine Gun, Sniper Rifle, Machine Gun, Shotgun, Pistol.
    Winner: 300 wins in Team Deathmatch mode.
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