Easy "Bored" achievement

Remain idle on a level to eventually get the "Bored" achievement.

Easy "Magnet Caster" achievement

Pick up a box, then drop it. Repeat this process 25 times to get the "Magnet Caster" achievement.

Easy "Stuck" achievement

In World 1: Level 10, move left over the corner of the black box with a glowing outline. Then, pick up a box to drop and become stuck to get the "Stuck" achievement.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Bored: Let Seamus get bored.
    Bubble Head logo: Find our logo.
    Cubes Holder: Hold 8 cubes at the same time.
    Evil Scientist: Find the evil scientist portrait.
    Flying Cubes: Let the cubes fly!.
    Get All Achievements: Obtain all the Achievements in-game.
    Get Stuck In Level: Stuck in level for 5 minutes.
    Low health: Get to 10 hp without dying !.
    Magnet Caster: Cast magnet 25 times in one level.
    New Weapon: Obtain a New Weapon.
    No Holding 2: Win level 4, in world 1, without holding any object.
    No Holding: Win level without holding object.
    No Magnet: Win level without casting magnet.
    Objects magnetiser: Change 6 cubes into magnetic cube.
    Objects Merger: Merge 11 objects.
    Only 1 portal allowed again: Beat level 11, In world 3, By casting only 1 portal.
    Only 1 portal allowed: Beat level 3, In world 2, by casting only 1 portal.
    Stuck: Get stuck on a level.
    Support the Devs.: Launched Cubicity for the first time.
    Unofficial Win: Beat level 2, In world 4 unofficially (w).
    Visit Egypt: Get to Egypt.
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