Data Hacker: Initiation

Corey Feldman Interview

Cheat Codes

Reach the first hub city in the Online world. An NPC will meet you and ask for a bonus code. Enter one of the following codes to obtain the corresponding item. Note: Only one code can be used per playthrough.

Result Cheat Code
Costume Pack 82746
Costume Pack and Ribbon Accessory 92643
Legendary Weapons Pack 74625
Legendary Weapons Pack and Costume Pack 61354
Legendary Weapons Pack and Ribbon Accessory 35723
Legendary Weapons Pack, Costume Pack, and Ribbon Accessory 58372
Ribbon Accessory 93241

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    'Accident Prone I': You have died.
    'Accident Prone II': You have died on ten occasions.
    'Accident Prone III': You have died on one hundred occasions!
    'Completist I': You completed Initiation!
    'Completist II': You completed Initiation on New Game Plus!
    'Dodobaird Jockey I': You won a Dodobaird race!
    'Dodobaird Jockey II': You won five Dodobaird races!
    'Dodobaird Jockey III': You won ten Dodobaird races!
    'Dodobaird Jockey IV': You won twenty-five Dodobaird races!
    'Dodobaird Jockey V': You won fifty Dodobaird races!
    'Hacker I': You successfully hacked ten foes!
    'Hacker II': You successfully hacked twenty-five foes!
    'Hacker III': You successfully hacked fifty foes!
    'Hacker IV': You successfully hacked one-hundred foes!
    'Hacker V': You successfully hacked two-hundred foes!
    'Hacker VI': You successfully hacked five-hundred foes!
    'Hacker VII': You successfully hacked one-thousand foes!
    'Initiate': Your journey begins...
    'Journey I': You completed a core dungeon!
    'Journey II': You completed five core dungeons!
    'Journey III': You completed ten core dungeons!
    'Journey IV': You completed fifteen core dungeons!
    'Journey V': You completed twenty core dungeons!
    'Landlord': You bought a property!
    'Peer Hacker I': You hacked one other player!
    'Peer Hacker II': You hacked five other players!
    'Peer Hacker III': You hacked ten other players!
    'Peer Hacker IV': You hacked thirty other players!
    'Quest Hunter I': You completed one Faballa Quest!
    'Quest Hunter II': You completed five Faballa Quests!
    'Quest Hunter III': You completed ten Faballa Quests!
    'Recruiter I': You recruited one other player!
    'Recruiter II': You recruited two other players!
    'Recruiter III': You recruited three other players!
    'Recruiter IV': You recruited four other players!
    'Scrooge I': You have accumulated 10,000 Credits!
    'Scrooge II': You have accumulated 25,000 Credits!
    'Scrooge III': You have accumulated 50,000 Credits!
    'Scrooge IV': You have accumulated 100,000 Credits!
    'Scrooge V': You have accumulated 250,000 Credits!
    'Scrooge VI': You have accumulated 1,000,000 Credits!
    'Traveller I': You travelled a total of 1,000 steps!
    'Traveller II': You travelled a total of 10,000 steps!
    'Traveller III': You travelled a total of 100,000 steps!
    'Traveller IV': You travelled a total of 1,00,000 steps! Trying to hatch an egg?
    'Treasure Finder I': You opened ten 'random' loot chests!
    'Treasure Finder II': You opened twenty 'random' loot chests!
    'Treasure Finder III': You opened fifty 'random' loot chests!
    'Treasure Finder IV': You opened one-hundred 'random' loot chests!
    'Trioarch I': You initiated your first Trioarch battle!
    'Trioarch II': You initiated five Trioarch battles!
    'Trioarch III': You initiated ten Trioarch battles!
    'Trioarch IV': You initiated twenty Trioarch battles!
    'Trioarch V': You initiated thirty Trioarch battles!
    'Trioarch VI': You initiated fifty Trioarch battles!
    'Trioarch VII': You initiated ONE HUNDRED Trioarch battles!
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