Deep Dungeons Of Doom

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Coal Mine

Bring a power berry from the Zakkum Tree to the miner. He will then give you his life savings of 1,000 gold.

Icy Caves

Successfully complete the level very quickly.

Infested Sewers

Defeat the Boss in a single round after making him vulnerable after hitting his eye.

Lakeside Prison

Bring a vampire heart from the monastery the ferryman for the vampire killer whip.

Mage's Tower

Successfully complete the level with the Witch.


Bring an ore from the Coal Mine to the priest in trade for his flock.

Mountain Graveyard

Bring hot spring water from the Coal Mine and complete the level for some additional items.

Sad Village

Successfully complete the level with the Crusader.

Witches' Hideout

Successfully complete the level with the Red Keycard (rare drop) in your inventory.

Zakkum Tree

Successfully complete the level with the Mercenary.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    Arcade: Use a revive.
    Assassin: Buy a level 6 skill with the Mercenary.
    Banisher: Clear 6 dungeons.
    Barely a Scratch: Completing a dungeon with 1 hp.
    Beast Slayer: Kill 50 beast monsters.
    Beowulf: Slay the Icy Caves' boss while carrying no equipment.
    Cleaning the Sewers: Kill a zombie.
    Counting Corpses: Kill 100 monsters.
    Dead by Dawn: Die on a dungeon first floor.
    Eighth Circle: Reach the floor 360 on DDD.
    Fifth Circle: Reach the floor 200 on DDD.
    Firemancer: Buy a level 6 skill with the Witch.
    First Blood: Die for the first time.
    First Circle: Reach the floor 30 on DDD.
    Fourth Circle: Reach the floor 160 on DDD.
    Genocide: Kill 1000 monsters.
    Greedy: Collect 500 gold.
    Hell's Shores: Reach the floor 10 on DDD.
    Hero: Clear the Deepest Dungeons of Doom.
    Investigator: Find one secret.
    It's not Safe here: Drink poison and die.
    Killer: Kill 50 human monsters.
    Librarian: Find 6 secrets.
    Lucky Strike: Causing more than 100 points of damage in one hit.
    Making Savings: Collect 5000 gold.
    Master of Secrets: Find 10 secrets.
    Merciful Blow: Die in a single hit with full health.
    Monopoly: Collect 1000 gold.
    Ninth Circle: Reach the floor 666 on DDD.
    Not Drinking: Completing a dungeon without using any potions.
    Not yet: Use a revenge bonus.
    Occultist: Find 3 secrets.
    Paladin: Buy a level 6 skill with the Crusader.
    Pillager: Collect 300 gold.
    Second Circle: Reach the floor 60 on DDD.
    Seventh Circle: Reach the floor 300 on DDD.
    Sixth Circle: Reach the floor 260 on DDD.
    Small Steps: Clear the Sewer.
    The Saint: Buy all Crusader skills.
    The Shadowblade: Buy all Mercenary skills.
    The Succubus: Buy all Witch skills.
    Third Circle: Reach the floor 100 on DDD.
    Treasure Hoarder: Collect 10000 gold.
    Undead Slayer: Kill 50 undead monsters.
    Undying: Taking more than 20 points of damage in one fight.
    Veteran: Clear 3 dungeons.
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