Deer Hunter 2

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Cheat Codes

While playing the game, press [F2], enter one of the following codes in the window that appears, then press [Enter] to accept the entry. If you entered the code correctly, a comment will be made. Note: Any deer that are killed while the codes are enabled will be marked "Cheated!" in the trophy room.

Result Cheat Code
View deer on map and GPS.dh2tracker
Close-up on deerdh2shoot
Irresistible to deerdh2honey
Attached to a deerdh2circle
Giant deerdh2deerzilla
Player walks only toward deerdh2sidewind
Rainy weatherdh2rain
Snowy weatherdh2snow
Stop rain or snowdh2weatherstop
Weather cycles quickerdh2blizzard
View through fox's eyescamera set fox[number]
View through deer's eyescamera set deer[number]
View through crow's eyescamera set crow[number]
View through hunter's eyescamera set player
Animals never afraiddh2doolittle
Hunter runs fasterdh2flash
Hunter runs very fastdh2supaflash
Hunter never gets out of breathdh2shoedeal
Camera follows arrow or bulletdh2deadeye
Camera follows bulletsdh2bulletcam
Bullet travels straight with cameradh2magicbullet
Slow bulletsdh2baddream
Show animals on mapdh2supatracker
Extra blood when the deer is hitdh2friday13
Reduces weapon wobblingdh2swig
Show weapon's sight statusdh2showsights
Walk around in the target rangedh2caddyshack
Sights in weapon without target rangedh2sightin
Flight modedh2wright
Never reloaddh2bandolier

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