The Detail

Corey Feldman Interview

Steam achievements

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    A Trade's A Trade: Traded someone's personal safety for information.
    Aftermath: Completed the 1st episode of The Detail: “Where the Dead Lie”.
    Bitter Deal: Made a deal to save the innocent.
    Don't Tell The Wife: Okay, you twisted by arm.
    Extra Spicy: Really turned up the heat at a dining establishment.
    Follow The Armani: Went after the head of a crime organization.
    It's Golden: Sometimes silence says everything.
    Joe The Plumber: Showed off your skills as a handyman.
    Liar, Liar: Some things are just better kept secret.
    Or Else: Some offers you can't refuse.
    Police Brutality: Encouraged a confession via physical means.
    Quid Pro Quo: You scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours.
    Respectable Businessman: To control your passions shall result in positive business venture. (Lucky number is 4.).
    Stop, Murderer!: Went after a brutal killer.
    The Best Policy: A sound relationship is all about trust.
    White Knight: Extracted a young lady from a suspicious situation.
    Wrong Number: Would not give up on pleasant company before being forced to.
    Yoink!: 'Borrowed' a cellphone.
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