Diehard Dungeon

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Champions mode

Find ten Gold Keys in normal mode, then open the large chest after the third Boss to unlock Champions mode. This mode toggles Good and Evil champion sprites that drops loot or hearts when killed, or spawn zombies in the room.

Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

    1Up: Pickup 100 hearts.
    Adept: Attain Adept rank.
    Beam Me Up: Use 20 Teleporters.
    Champion: Attain Champion rank.
    Chest Avoider: Avoid opening 10 chests.
    Companion Max: The Companion Chest upgrades to its maximum level.
    Courage: Obtain Courage ability.
    Darkness: Destroy 300 lights.
    Dash: Obtain Dash ability.
    Death by Fire: Defeat 200 enemies by setting them on fire.
    Destroyer: Destroy 1000 containers.
    Diehard: Attain Diehard rank.
    DM: Defeat the Dungeon Master.
    Escape: Escape the dungeon.
    Escape Champion: Escape the dungeon in Champion Mode.
    Evil Chest: Defeat Evil Chest.
    Evil Chest - HARD: Defeat Evil Chest.
    Fighter: Attain Fighter rank.
    Fireproof: Obtain Fireproof ability.
    Firestarter: Destroy 500 containers with fire.
    Forget-Me-Not: Obtain Forget-Me-Not ability.
    Giant Oaf: Defeat Giant Oaf.
    Giant Oaf - HARD: Defeat Giant Oaf.
    Gold Chest: Open the gold chest.
    Heart Avoider: Avoid picking up 20 hearts.
    Heartbreaker: Obtain Heartbreaker ability.
    Heavy Duty: Obtain Heavy Duty ability.
    Hero: Attain Hero rank.
    Hive Mind: Defeat Hive Mind.
    Hive Mind - HARD: Defeat Hive Mind.
    Houdini: Obtain Houdini ability.
    Iron Grip: Obtain Iron Grip ability.
    Kaboom: Obtain Kaboom ability.
    Knives: Obtain Knives ability.
    Legend: Attain Legend rank.
    Lightfoot: Obtain Lightfoot ability.
    Looter: Obtain Looter ability.
    Maximum Mayhem: Achieve rank 10 in Mayhem.
    Mithridate: Obtain Mithridate ability.
    Mr Illusion: Defeat Mr Illusion.
    Mr Illusion - HARD: Defeat Mr Illusion.
    Repel: Obtain Repel ability.
    Sabotage: Destroy 20 chests.
    Scatter: Obtain Scatter ability.
    Slash: Obtain Slash ability.
    Slayer: Attain Slayer rank.
    Stumpy: Defeat Stumpy.
    Stumpy - HARD: Defeat Stumpy.
    Toasty: Obtain Toasty ability.
    Token Appreciation: Use 50 tokens.
    Token Saver: Have 20 tokens.
    Trapdoor Win: Win a Trapdoor game.
    Treasure Hoard: Collect 10,000 treasure.
    Trigger Happy: Obtain Trigger Happy ability.
    Triple Shot: Obtain Triple Shot ability.
    Valiant: Attain Valiant rank.
    Vanquish: Defeat 2000 enemies.
    Voodoo: Obtain Voodoo ability.
    Warrior: Attain Warrior rank.
    Zombie Chest: Defeat Zombie Chest.
    Zombie Chest - HARD: Defeat Zombie Chest.
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