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Easy money

At the start of the game, you will not have much gold. To get a lot of gold, find the raised balcony with the high ladder on the balcony in Fort Joy. Teleport up to the balcony, then drop the ladder down to easily access the locked door. Lockpick the door (it helps to have a diverse team) to enter Orivand's Chambers. Note: If you do not have the Teleportation skill, acquire the Glove Of Teleportation from "The Teleporter" quest. The chambers are full of expensive objects to steal, including paintings and another locked chest you can get open with the right skills. Take all available items and sell them for easy gold. Do not forget to move the dressing panel in the missing balcony wall to find another unlocked chest outside the chamber.

Put points into the Thievery and Sneaking skills to earn a lot of gold by pickpocketing in town. Sneaking reduces vision cones, making it easier to avoid detection, while thievery enhances the amount of gold you can loot, and improves your pickpocketing and lockpicking skills. Note: You can respect at any time to drop all your points into Thievery and Sneaking if you want quick money. It also helps to collect armor or gear that further enhances Thievery. Reach at least Thievery 4 for the best results. You can only attempt to pickpocket a target once. If you find a target with lots of stuff to loot, dump all your points and enhance Thievery as much as possible to get the most value out of a wealthy NPC. You can completely rob traders -- so check to see if there is a spot you can enter stealth near shops whenever possible. After robbing an NPC, they will realize they have been robbed after a few seconds. Complete a pickpocket, then immediately retreat out of the area so they do not see you. They will only alert others and attack if they see you after they realize they have been robbed -- so you can sprint away safely right after a successful pickpocket. Before pickpocketing, send the rest of your party far away so you do not have to deal with them while sneaking/retreating. They can wait outside of town or in a far-off location where your victims will not find them. If a pickpocketed NPC does not find you, they will exit the alert stage and you can safely talk to them without incident. At Thievery 4, you can earn 2,000+ gold from a single wealthy NPC.

In the town of Driftwood on Reaper's Coast, go to the graveyard called Ryker's Rest. Knock on Ryker's door and talk to him, then tell him the truth in the conversation tree. He will let you inside his well-stocked house. This method relies more on your Bartering skill than you stealth. Note: Talk to the Masked Servant beside the dining table. He will turn to face whatever direction you choose to talk to him. Talk to him so he looks away from the table. You can then loot it freely while sneaking. The building is full of items you can loot if you are sneaky. The dining table contains a bunch of good items (golden spoons, serving plates, forks, knives, pitchers, and lots of other junk that is only good for selling). Collect all items and sell them at the nearest store to easily earn 3,500 gold. There are more rooms with additional masked servants —- go through the house and steal everything. You also do not need high stealth to rob Ryker's place.

Buy cheap materials (like Nails and Broken Bottles), then combine them with Empty Grenades to make Special Grenades that you can sell for five times their value. This can also be done with Intestines and Rotten Eggs that are combined with Empty Canisters. Other items that can be combined to make money are Logs with a Dagger, Sharp Stones with a Wooden Branch, and Cloth and Leather Scraps with a Tong and Soap with the Key. Repeat this as many times as desired to earn a lot of money quickly and easily.

All skill book combinations

Skill books can be combined to create a new skill book that uses both types of magic. You can only combine one elemental skill book and one non-elemental skill book. To use a combo skill book, you need at least one point in both types of magic. Some powers may require two or more points.

Fire Element

    Fire + Necromancy = Corpse Explosion (Explodes corpses to deal damage)
    Fire + Polymorph = Bleed Fire (Enemies bleed fire, leaving fire when they take damage)
    Fire + Warfare = Sparking Swings (Melee attacks generate chain lightning that hits nearby enemies)
    Fire + Hunter = Explosive Trap (Sets an explosive trap that explodes when an enemy gets near)
    Fire + Scoundrel = Sabotage (Causes any grenades or arrows in an enemy's inventory to instantly explode)
    Fire + Summoning = Fire Infusion (Your minion learns and uses fireball)
    Fire 2 + Necromancy 2 = Mass Corpse Explosion
    Fire 2 + Polymorph = Flaming Skin
    Fire 2 + Warfare 2 = Master of Sparks
    Fire 2 + Hunter 2 = Mass Exploding Traps
    Fire 2 + Scoundrel 2 = Mass Sabotage
    Fire 2 + Summoning 2 = Necrofire Infusion

Air Element

    Air + Necromancy = Vacuum Touch (Causes damage, MP silence and suffocation)
    Air + Polymorph = Vaporise (Create clouds that cure frozen and petrification status)
    Air + Warfare = Breathing Bubble (Immunity to clouds and suffocate effects)
    Air + Hunter = Erratic Wisp (Enemies will teleport randomly when attacked)
    Air + Scoundrel = Smoke Cover (Generates a cloud effect from the targeted character)
    Air + Summoning = Electric Infusion (Your minion learns electric discharge and switches to electricity element)
    Air 2 + Necromancy 2 = Mass Vacuum Aura
    Air 2 + Polymorph 2 = Jellyfish Skin
    Air 2 + Warfare 2 = Mass Breathing Bubbles
    Air 2 + Hunter 2 = Evasive Aura
    Air 2 + Scoundrel 2 = Blessed Smoke Cloud
    Air 2 + Summoning 2 = Cursed Electric Infusion

Water Element

    Water + Necromancy = Blood Rain (Generates bloody rain that causes enemies to bleed and puts out fires)
    Water + Polymorph = Healing Tears (Generates tears that heal party members within the area-of-effect)
    Water + Warfare = Cleanse Wounds (Powerful healing that also removes the burn, disabled, poison, bleed, and decay effects)
    Water + Hunter = Cyrotherapy (Frozen floor tiles now provide magic armor)
    Water + Scoundrel = Vampiric Hunger (Provides +50% Life Steal for two turns)
    Water + Summoning = Water Infusion (Minion gains regeneration and switches to water element)
    Water 2 + Necromancy 2 = Blood Storm
    Water 2 + Polymorph 2 = Icy Skin
    Water 2 + Warfare 2 = Mass Cleanse Wounds
    Water 2 + Hunter 2 = Mass Cryotherapy
    Water 2 + Scoundrel 2 = Vampiric Hunger Aura
    Water 2 + Summoning 2 = Ice Infusion

Earth Element

    Earth + Necromancy = Corrosive Touch (Causes acid and atrophy damage)
    Earth + Polymorph = Turn to Oil (Turns water and blood into oil; oil removes the shock or stuck effects)
    Earth + Warfare = Oily Carapace (Consume oil for bonus physical armor)
    Earth + Hunter = Throw Dust (Throws a burst of dust that damages and blinds enemies) It also removes elemental floors or clouds)
    Earth + Scoundrel = Venom Coating (For two turns, adds poison element damage to all attacks)
    Earth + Summoning = Poison Infusion (Minions switches to poison element and uses the Poison Dart attack)
    Earth 2 + Necromancy 2 = Corrosive Spray
    Earth 2 + Polymorph 2 = Poisonous Skin
    Earth 2 + Warfare 2 = Mass Oily Carapace
    Earth 2 + Hunter 2 = Dust Blast
    Earth 2 + Scoundrel 2 = Venomous Aura
    Earth 2 + Summoning 2 = Acid Infusion
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